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January 10th 2019

Google Maps

This service is 'compact' enough and easy to do remotely, so you'll never leave your home office!

Its the easiest way to cash in with Google Maps even knowing nothing about tech...I'll show you how to set up a bullet proof, weekly income so you'll finally take control of your life and business career.

Uncertain times and rising competition are making it tough for local consultants, yet this "Under The Radar' system eliminates money worries...

...working just Google Maps (My New Way) can catapult you to more money than you ever dreamed of.

You're going to be shown a magic, little known Strategy that practically guarantees improved ranking in the GMaps 3Pack. (see below for more)...

Mo Taqi

Hello, Mo Taqi here, with a Business Attraction Magnet you need to see..

For any local business, the biggest challenge is getting found...getting 'Discovered'.

Word Of Mouth may drive business, but it’s being found in local search that really makes the dollar difference.

Being on Page One in Google
(especially the "3 Pack") is EVERYTHING.

Its become the equivalent of giant billboards up and down the highway, full page ads in the biggest newspapers and TV commercials around the clock!

The best way to do just that is to get listed on Google Maps (Google My Business). GMB, in case you didnt' know, is Google’s own dashboard for managing a local business’s information on Google properties.

The truth is, studies show 96% of Online searchers will never look past the first page search results!

For local businesses that's discouraging UNLESS they have help.

AND, its not enough to show up in the "3 Pack" - its takes experience and know-how to STAY THERE.

...And thats the job of a trained local consultant, and thats why they get paid so well.

So What Is "Google My Business"? (GMB)

Google wants to help small businesses get found online and this is their best avenue for giving those businesses online attention.

The local 3Pack can show up as a result of searching something in a specific location with or without adding keywords like “near me” in search queries.

Getting on Google Maps or Google My Business starts first with checking to see if your client is listed in the first place.

Google Maps Places

In the second image above, note that aside from the 3 Pack on page one, most of the rest of the listings are DIRECTORY SITES, so its even more important to be in the 3 Pack..

While "Google My Business" gives you the tools to update the client's Business Profile...

It Alone Won't Get You Ranked!

While Google Maps ranking used to be based on such things as proximity and industry categories, Google now includes other factors into its ranking algorythim..

This is actually good news for small and medium sized businesses whose listings otherwise will be overshadowed by large corporations and chain companies.

BUT, you have to know EXACTLY what to do and HOW to increase your ranking and market your business better on Google Maps.

Adding PHOTOS alone won't get you ranked.

Adding Reviews alone won't get you ranked.

Adding Local Phone ##s alone won't get you ranked.

Adding Citations alone won't get you ranked.

Adding Q & A alone won't get you ranked.

With competition so fierce, with every business wanting the top 3 spots, with SEO firms fighting for the 3 Pack like hungry wolves, the new #1 secret weapon is...


The secret that only 1 in 100 businesses know is, ranking for neighborhoods (the RIGHT Neighborhoods) done the RIGHT way, can help you leapfrog over other search results..and land you in the 3Pack. Yes, it really works.

Stop and think a most cities,
especially the bigger ones, people don't search for "deep dish pizza chicago"

Even with geo targeting (based on your location) that kind of search would produce a huge swath of pizza places...

Many Far From Your
Local Neighborhood...

BUT, if you search for "deep dish pizza Lincoln Park" (a popular neighborhood in Chicago) you'll get far better targeting, and the search
results will be much closer and relevent!

Now, what if you can rank in the 3 Pack for 5 or 10 different nearby NEIGHBORHOODS? Can you see how that starts to multiply your local client's
chances of getting...

More And More Calls?

Businesses do not know about this secret "insider strategy", so with the competition the way it is today, no 3 Pack listing for them.

My SEO team of professionals has studied this "Neighborhood Approach" for the 3 Pack and developed a system that gets predictable results...we do it all the time and now we're teaching it.

Google Maps Places
Google Maps Places
Google Maps Places

This Is What Can Happen...

A motivated consultant can get that first paying client for $500 a month in the first 30 days.

AND get another 4 clients in 60 days which is at least $3,000/month and really, the sky is the limit!

It happens because once you nail this process down on your first client you can become a “go to” provider that many businesses want to work with. Also, getting clients gets much easier after the first one.

Most owners will understand this proposition immediately and want the improved ranking. The 3Pack carries a lot of power - and its obvious to them. that their NEIGHBORHOOD RANKING is what counts!

There's just too much inside to list everything, but here's a peek at what you're going to discover...

Are You Ready to 'Trounce' The Competition...

And Earn Fast Fees?

Google Maps Icon

Then you'll LOVE This...

You're getting an easy-to-edit template and instructional videos on how to do this easily. Best of all it doesn’t require any tech skills. Just follow easy video training and you're done!

This Entire Normally $97 Package Includes...

Number 1

DFY Installed Maps Ranking Site For Consultants

SEO Image

Click on the Image to View The Consultant Website

Number 2
Seo Image

Neighborhood Google Maps Easy-To-Edit Template

Number 3
Seo Image

Proven Email Template To Contact Businesses

Number 4
Seo Image

Outsourcing The Work Blueprint

Number 5
Seo Image

Training Video For Editing GMAPS Template

Number 6
Seo Image

One Month Technical Support

Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1 Testimonial 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Mo Taqi

Don't wait until all your competitors have access to this powerful system...don't let them grab the 'easy' website repair deals just waiting to be scooped up.

Now you can be the beneficiary of this special effort to provide a top producing client-getting system AND a professional website designed to get you "Neighborhood 3Pack Method" ranking clients.

A limited number of Offline consultants are getting a chance to use what only a few have enjoyed so far. In the right hands (yours) this is a real money-maker and can add clients faster than you can say, "Ranking Power."

If You read Nothing Else Read This

If you are skeptical this "Dynamic GMAPS Domination" is everything I say it is, I understand.

If I were in your shoes I might feel the same way. On the interet, everyone seems to make big promises...but can't always live up to them.

But I owe it to you to point out the most important differences...

My refund rate is close to ZERO for my most recent products. Everyone said I could never maintain that, but I have.

Incredibly I have more tasks to perform to satisfy my customers (you) and yet I maintain a higher satisfaction rate than my competition.

I'm not bragging, but facts are facts.

So, I'm asking you to trust me and know I stand behind my software installation, my training products and services. I will not let you down. Try this package out, I and my team stand behind it 100%. My promise to you, Mo Taqi.

Quality Mark

Attention Consultant
Mo Taqi