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How To Build A Virtual Rental Income As A
"Digital Landlord"...
...And Get Paid Every Single Month!

  • Now You Can Sit Back And Relax, Because We'll Build Your Very Own Virtual Rental Properties FOR YOU - PLUS we'll show you our proven blueprint to ranking and renting them out!
  • From the desk of: Mo Taqi
  • Founder (Digital Landlord)
  • Dear friend,
  • Have you ever heard the phrase...

"The Real Money is in Real Estate"

  • ...?
  • real estate is such a popular way of creating wealth because as a landlord...
  • ...renting out your property gives you the ability to generate passive income
  • You own the property, and your tenants pay you thousands of dollars every single month just to live there.
  • Sounds great, right?
  • Except that being a landlord comes with lots of its own headaches: .
  • left_icon_red You have to shell out $100,000 or more to buy the property in the first place
  • left_icon_red You have to pay expensive property taxes and other bills every year.
  • left_icon_red You have to keep your tenants happy (or pay someone else to do it for you).
  • left_icon_red You have to constantly replace things that are breaking or falling apart
  • So as you can see...
  • Being a physical landlord isn't exactly "hands off".
  • Quite the opposite, actually.
  • But what if there was a way you could become a "digital landlord" and AVOID all those nasty headaches...
  • ...while still building a large business.
  • Well, it turns out there is. Because.

Websites Are Just Like Rental Properties For
"Digital Landlords"!

  • Think of a website like your virtual real estate...
  • It's something you can rent out to your digital "tenants" to create passive income.
  • Now, who are these digital "tenants"?

Local business owners!

  • By building and ranking a website for a series of local keywords that are specific to one type of business, say...
  • "Plumber in Dallas"...
  • "Chiropractor in Texas"...
  • "Roofer in Minnesota"...
  • 'Accountant in Tennessee"...
  • ...or any other local business keyword, you can create virtual real estate that's INSTANTLY worth a lot of money to local business owners.
  • Virtual real estate that you can easily rent out to these business owners each month.
  • They get a website that's ranked on Page 1 of Google and drives lots of targeted, high-buying intent prospects into their business...
  • ...and YOU get paid for it.
  • But here's the best part:
  • Once the site has been built...

Becoming A "Digital Landlord" Comes With
Absolutely NO Headaches!

  • NO massive upfront payment to buy your property
  • NO huge property taxes or other expensive bills
  • NO work required to keep tenants happy
  • NO replacing anything
  • In other words, you can cash in on your highly valuable virtual real estate with NO overhead costs or required maintenance.
  • It's could be the most lucrative "hands off" income stream there is. And unlike physical real estate...

You can easily acquire HUNDREDS of these
virtual realestate properties to rent out!

  • Think about it:
  • If you're a physical real estate investor in the real world and you want to buy a NEW property, you've got to come up with capital.
  • You have to make a down payment on the property, even if you're going to loan the rest of the money to buy it.
  • So no matter how much money one property may be making for you, it's still difficult to acquire a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th property.
  • But NOT with virtual real estate.
  • Because of the incredibly low cost of buying a domain and ranking it for a specific keyword...
  • can quickly build up a portfolio of HUNDREDS of different websites to rent out to local business owners!
  • And that means building an empire of sites that work FOR you each and every month.
  • So...
  • Ready to find out how YOU can quickly and easily become a "digital landlord"?
  • Then make sure you read every single word on this page, right down to the very end.
  • Because this is likely the most profitable opportunity you've ever stumbled across in your entire life...

Introducing (Digital Landlord)
The 100% Done-For-You Service That Transforms
YOU Into A "Digital Landlord"...

Step #1: We Find You The Most High-Paying Niches

  • In order to rent out your website and generate a tidy profit, you must have a website that's in a high-paying niche.
  • We'll identify the most high-paying niches to build and rank your sites in.

Step #2: We Find You The Best Keywords

  • Think about keywords as the 'land" your building your real estate on.
  • In the physical world, you can't go and build a new building on top of an existing one, right?
  • Well, online it's basically the same thing.
  • You don't want to try and build on land where there are already successful competitors - you want to find fresh, untapped land to build your new property.
  • We'll identify the keywords that drive the most traffic AND will be easiest to rank for.
  • This ensures that once your site hits Page 1 on GoogLe, it will stay there for a long, long time without ANY work on your part.

Step #3: We Create The Perfect SEO Site For You.

  • Once we've identified a high-paying niche and profitable keywords to rank for, we'll create the perfect SEO site for you.
  • This includes finding the right domain and creating SEO-friendly content to populate your site with.
  • We've mastered the art of ranking sites on Google, and have put more sites on Page 1 than anyone else on the market.

Step #4: We Optimize Your Site So Google Indexes It FAST

  • With your site up and running, we optimize it to make sure Google indexes it FAST.
  • This involves doing a mix of on-page and off-page SEO optimization, and relies on the proven strategies and tactics we've learned from years of ranking sites on Page 1.
  • Once Google indexes your site, you'll be able to start collecting those monthly rental checks from your virtual "tenants" right away.
  • But not only that - we will actually GIVE you our blueprint to ranking these sites in google, so all you have to do is follow along and see great results!

Step #5: Step-By-Step Page 1 Ranking Blueprint

Step #6: High Converting Email Templates

  • Once your site is ranking on page 1 of Google, you need to start emailing them.
  • We have again done all the work for you, just follow our proven, high converting email template to close the clients & collect payments.
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