Welcome Fellow Local Consultants...

and get ready to discover the perfect way to add new clients by the bushel and collect fees every week.

The 'Mighty Google' has seized on an issue and is beginning to KILL the rankings of millions of websites...

Sites that have nothing wrong with them, good helpful sites, strong selling sites, sites that have been well-ranked for years... ALL will likely see a huge collapse in traffic and sales.


They are not deemed "Mobile-Friendly" by Google.

Google sees the public moving away from the desktop PC and wants the Mobile platform to be king. And the consequences will be huge going forward.

Google is even pointing out the Mobile-Friendly sites in the SERPS.

What Does “Mobile Friendly” Even Mean?

1.  Does not use software not commonly found on phones (example: Flash)

2.  Uses text that can be read without having to zoom in.

3.  Auto adjusts website content so users don’t have to rotate their screen or zoom.

4.  Places links an adequate distance apart so it is easy to click on the correct one.

Based on the blogs Google publishes, we can confidently assume companies who don’t optimize for mobile will see their rankings disappear... Its happening already.

At the same time, companies who adopt and take advantage of mobile-friendly sites early-on have and will continue to see higher rankings, more visitors and more sales!

And NOT being Mobile-Friendly isnt the only that catches Google's eye...It's Slow Loading SPEED, Too.

Why Slow Loading Sites Hurt Ranking And Profits!

  Problem 1 – Google Hates 'SLOW'

Google tracks everything, one way or another. When a visitor leaves your site, it affects your bounce rate. The less pages the visitor views on your site, the worse the bounce rate. And the slower the site, the quicker they leave, hence a higher/worse bounce.

Google considers this inflated bounce rate as a sign that your site is a bad fit for the topic, or of low quality. So it slowly gets de-ranked in the Google search engine results pages (SERP).

  Problem 2 – Lower Conversion Rates Mean Lost Revenue

Many A/B tests performed by conversion rate experts show a direct correlation between slow websites and low conversion rates.

One statistic states that a 1-second delay can cause a 7% loss in conversions. By the way, thats huge.

  Problem 3 – Reduced Productivity

These days, it’s not just website visitors and customers that use a site, but employees, vendors, outsourcers, too. A slow site means they wait too long and experience reduced productivity, and the blowback may be disgruntled customers.

With our new training you'll be able to attack BOTH problems in no time at all...and hand your clients results they'll love!

Our Research PROVED It Works!

I’m excited about the new strategy my team and I have developed because it hands you a foolproof way to generate good clients... without a lot of hassles.

Because with this mobile strategy, you use some powerful tools including a website specially designed to haul in client leads, present your marketing credentials and SELL them on the service.

Any number of vendors can tell you HOW to go about getting Mobile repair leads, BUT we are the only ones to give you a FREE website that does the heavy lifting...and we install it as well!

We do this because we've studied the local marketplace and we know what the challenges are for consultants.

Right now there are MULTIPLE threats to your income, unless you do something different..Threats like:

  Excessive competition
  Non-responsive prospects
  Hard-to-reach prospects
  Out-of-date service offers
  Offers Too hard to understand
  Complicated delivery of services
  Slow Results or No Results

...and really those are just the tip of the iceberg!

We tested a number of offers and realized the best market to approach were these "Not Mobile-Friendly Sites" and "Slow Loading" sites. Both were proving to be the most responsive to our mobile repair email offers and we're super confident you'll see the same thing.

Lets face it, You must do something NOW to promote a service that puts you back in charge, not next week, or next month. Dynamic Mobile SEO Dollars is the perfect weapon to go out in the marketplace and attract good-paying clients.

Website Owners Respond To Our Emails:

Can You Make A Good Living Fixing These Sites?

No...you can actually make a GREAT living doing it!

Since the numbers run into the millions, you'll never run out of good prospects. And as website owners rankings fall, they will be more interested in a real solution. And You Will Be...

The Right Person At The Right Time

Just imagine asking a prospect, "So where are your rankings in Google lately?"

When he/she answers that they have 'tanked', tell them the likely reason why. Then ask, "If I could fix that for you and help push you up the search results, for less than you lose in business in a few days, would you be interested?

For many, the immediate answer will be "YES".

You might say, we've heard about Google's Mobile 'Crackdown" but how do we make money?

Our Income Approach Is Simple

The way we approach local businesses is unique and it converts these local businesses into paying clients FAST. Our emails convert and they will get you clients almost as fast as you want.

Our way of approaching local businesses in UNIQUE from everyone else. You can easily charge clients anywhere from $500 to $750 for this quick fix...and they're happy to pay it.

PLUS, we show you how to outsource this for less than $100 and don’t worry about doing any technical stuff.

Let me explain how you can get SEO clients with this 3 easy steps

By the way, I'm Mo Taqi known as the "Done For you Dude" and one thing I do is listen to fellow marketers... and I knew tons of websites were getting knocked out of Google rankings for a little- known reason;

NOT 'Mobile Friendly' & Too Slow-Loading Sites

I also knew there had to be a better way to correct these errors and bring a site back into favor with Google.

I put my developer staff to work, building a system that solves the 'mobile-friendly issue and/or slow-loading websites.

This new system is the result of some pain-staking research and testing. And the results are working right now.

So, months later,and thousands of dollars later, I'm unveiling the New "Dynamic MObile SEO Dollars".

This system gives you that massive marketing advantage you've been looking for.

The bulk of the work is done for you, saving huge amounts of time and allowing very easy outsourcing.

Your success rate will accelerate because you already know what they need and the shortcomings of their site.

Then you'll present your tailor-made solutions and gain agreement. Finally,outsource your work or do it your self.


Here's a "sneak preview" of what's inside:

The FOUR WORD Phrase You Must use to begin the process.
The Second Key Phrase you must use
The 2 Things that MUST be present to rank on the first page in Google
Which Pages to start our search on so you'll save time
How much time to allow for searches
What The Limits are on searches per day
How the special Email Template integrates with your search results
The 2 criteria give us twice as many opportunities to find potential clients
Why Google is focusing so much on Mobile now
How the special email template creates an urgency to sign up for your service
What services to offer AFTER you repair the Mobile problem
The 2 Best Services to use for Outsourcing.
How to advertise for QUALITY Outsourcers
The one measure of Outsourcers that matters!
How to hire an experienced team that does nothing but this work
How to get 150 qualified mobile leads in your city every month AND...get 150 email blasts every month

Frequently Asked Questions

 How difficult is it to search for leads and find clients?

That's the best part! We've made it so simple and easy you'll be operating it in a few minutes. SEO and search newbees will have no trouble at all.

 If you sell many courses will you still be able to get all the consultant site installs done?

Absolutely. We recently did a package for restaurants and sold hundreds. All Orders were fulfilled. We have streamlined our site delivery service so it runs like a swiss watch.

 Why do site owners not know about the "Not-Mobile-Friendly" Google penalty?

Most simply are not aware of how Google has embraced Mobile and they think it couldn't matter...but to search ranking, its becoming very important.
 Are there that many sites that are not "Not-Mobile-Friendly" and/or slow loading?

Yes, there are millions! Clients are everywhere. But you have to know WHO to contact and WHY. By focusing on this critically important flaw, it makes your job so much easier.
 How much time does this take?

Initially, you'll allow 30 minutes to conduct your search and then do a further assessment of the new client prospects before implementing the built-in email system.
 Do I need specific marketing experience?

No!, Not at all. You're getting a Mobile Specialist Consultant site Done-For-You and INSTALLATION. PLUS we're giving you hands-on video training in the simple steps to do the work or, outsource it.
 What kind of budget do I need?

This really is a 'shoe-string' startup business. You'll substitute your own effort for money in most cases. If you do choose to add some funding, a little will go a long way.
 Will I need to Hire Staff?

Not really (Unless YOU Want Them)— but its best to start with low overhead and then hire (outsource) if you need them. Virtual assistants are fine and when you're ready we can suggest outsourcers..
 I'm outside the U.S...can this work for me?

YES. Marketers outside the US can use this same system. You can have clients in the US and never have to meet one of them in person. Digital Marketing Services are sold all over the world from anywhere.
 How can you afford to do this? The installation costs for a new website and staffing would seem to hurt your margins?

Yes, we can afford it, we've done it before and our low overhead makes it possible. We are expert at SEO and website building.
 If It's so Good… Why Don't you charge more?

Simple... I actually make my earnings primarily from Local Clients, not from product launches. This is only the 4th product Ive ever launched.
 If it's so easy why isn't everyone doing it?

Frankly most people that look for business opportunities do just that; they LOOK, but never really take action. Looking and researching becomes an end in itself. If you're an action-taker and serious, this could be perfect for you.
 I'm over 50,and not good with computers. Can I still make a go of this?

Probably so. Your age is no disadvantage and what you lack in PC skills you can get help with. You need to be motivated and be willing to follow instructions - the rest can be handled.
 How soon before I see results?

Much depends on you. Your own personal effort and following instructions. Results will vary, of course, but you could sign SEO clients in weeks, and the numbers will just grow as you get more experience.
 Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up businesses?)

This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email, fax and phone. We provide you with a proven email template you can use to attract mobile site repair clients or other services.

Ready For Success? Look At What You're Getting:

Don't Wait For The Crowd!

Don't wait until all your competitors have access to this powerful system...don't let them grab the 'easy' website repair deals just waiting to be scooped up.

Now you can be the beneficiary of this special effort to provide a top producing client-getting system AND a professional website designed to get you Mobile SEO clients

A limited number of Offline consultants are getting a chance to use what only a few have enjoyed so far. In the right hands (yours) this is a real money-maker and can add clients faster than you can say, "Ranking Power."

If You Read Nothing Else, Read This:

If you are skeptical this Dynamic Mobile SEO is everything I say it is, I understand.

If I were in your shoes I might feel the same way. On the interet, everyone seems to make big promises...but cant always live up to them.

But I owe it to you to point out the most important differences...

My refund rate is close to ZERO for my most recent products. Everyone said I could never maintain that, but I have.

Incredibly I have more tasks to perform to satisfy my customers (you) and yet I maintain a higher satisfaction rate than my competition.

I'm not bragging, but facts are facts.

So, I'm asking you to trust me and know I stand behind my software installation, my training products and services. I will not let you down. Try this package out, I and my team stand behind it 100%. My promise to you, Mo Taqi.