November 5th 2018

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Schema ( is a structured data vocabulary that defines entities, actions, and relationships on the Internet (webpages, emails, etc).

All that means is, this vocabulary makes it easy for search engines to understand the meanings behind subject matter (entities) on the web, and provide a better Internet user experience.

Schema markup is actually code you put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users.

Here’s an example of a local business that has markup on its event schedule page. The SERP entry looks like this:

The schema markup told the Search Engines to display a schedule of upcoming hotel events...and sets the listing apart from other listings and helps raise the ranking.


Google says properly structured data can enhance website listing appearance in their search results.

For example, with structured reviews, Google can show recipes with the most five star ratings at the top of their results.

Schema Tells Search Engines What Your Data MEANS, NOT Just What It Says.

This new form of optimization is one of the most powerful, BUT least-utilized forms of SEO available today.

What the competition is ignorant of you can be become 'expert' at, overnight!

You Don’t Need To Learn Any New Coding Skills.

Web pages with schema markup still use HTML. The only difference is adding bits of vocabulary to HTML Microdata...and we give you the Template and simple step-by-step instructions.

Why This Is 'KIller' For Rankings

Schema markup helps your clients website rank better for all kinds of local content types. There is data markup for…

  Local businesses
  Book Reviews
  Software Applications

There are hundreds of markup types — from toy stores to movie schedules.

If there is any type of data on the clients website, there’s a good chance that it’s going to have an associated item scope and item type.

Websites Using Schema Markup Will Rank Better In The SERPs Than Without Markup.

*One study showed that websites with markup rank an average of four positions higher in the SERPs than those without schema markup.

One study of large corporations, looked at 214 domains that used schema and measured what percentage schema markups appeared on their sites.

In other words, there are millions of websites missing out on a huge source of SEO ranking potential.

...and even when they implement Schema its only a tiny part of their website!

More than 95% of local businesses do not have schema on their site or it is incorrect missing data.


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Frequently Asked Questions

 Is this just a re-hash of previous courses?

No, This new course is just that; Completely new. Because my staff and I are teaching how to improve ranking for almost ANY business type in Googles Search engine with Schema Data.

It also includes critical SEO information. I made it very comprehensive yet easy to follow. AND, I show you how to get that first client and expand.

 Aren't there free plugins that do this?

While there are some free plugins that claim to do it..these Plugins don't do the most important part.And, WP plugins won’t work on HTML sites. Thats a problem since the research shows more than 75% local businesses use HTML sites.

Our template tool works on BOTH wordpress and HTML sites PLUS we ALSO cover a special schema you won't want to be without, for lawyers, doctors, accountants, anybody thats a professional.

 Do these rankings last?

Yes, but there will be instances where they fall out and the process of using Schema data may need to be enhanced. But, you're getting paid to do that since this service should always be on monthly payments.
 Why would a business need my help?

It might surprise you to know that most local businesses are not the best marketers and have even less understanding of how to get and maintain search engine rankings. They are also almost never going to attempt this themselves.
 Aren't businesses tired Of hearing About Search Ranking?

Sure, but they're NOT tired of seeing ranking results. You'll learn how to present this offer and get good results. Never mention the word SEO to a client. The process is about "being positioned to get more calls and customer visits."
 Does this take a lot of time?

Each client initially takes about an hour to setup the ranking architecture. Then maybe an hour per month to manage, if that. More competitive Keywords, of course, may take longer. Schema Data use is flexible and can always be enhanced over time.
 Will I need a large budget?

No. You can do this with no money, just your own time and effort. A little money for an outsourcer will make it go faster, but its not necessary. And remember, you'll be paid before you ever have to spend any money. That way cash flow is not a problem.
 Won't my clients Be Taking A Chance On me?

Nope. They take a chance by NOT applying Schema data. We show you exactly how to implement this system. Its proven to work since this what Google is looking for in a website structure...and thats what you'll be offering.
 Will I need to hire Employees?

NO (Unless YOU Want Them) —If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource thats fine. But its necessary.
 Is there a lot of competition?

In my experience, serious competition, no. Other marketers, mostly overseas and by phone, do aggressively go after SEO business but their approach is not our approach. We are focusing on a technique (Schema Data) most other consultants arent even aware of.
 If It's so Good… Why Don't you charge more?

Simple... I actually make my earnings from local clients, not from product launches and you. I do enjoy helping marketers and dont see the need to get rich off of you.
 Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up clients?)

This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone. Most of my coaching clients use only email and their phone or skype.
 How soon can I expect to land some local clients?

If you follow a simple daily plan, of emailing the right candidates, you can be adding clients in just weeks. Success rates will vary, of course, but theres no reason you can't succeed with this method..and remember we are here to support you

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