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Friend, You’re About To Tap Into A Goldmine…

Regardless of what you may have heard about email, FB ads, video, or any other flavor of the week…there’s still an opportunity that abounds every single day.

And it’s not going anywhere any time soon. 

See, right now…as you’re reading this letter, there are tons of local businesses scratching their heads trying to solve their #1 problem.

And that’s how to get MORE customers WHILE running their business at the same time.

This, my friend, is the opportunity that’s an absolute goldmine…if you know how to use it correctly.

If you’re interested in learning how to carve out your piece of the pie in the local niche, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.  Because I’m about to break down how you can do just that in only minutes a day REGARDLESS of your skill level.

But first…

Why Listen To Me?
Because I Eat and Breathe This Stuff!

I have my very own personal team of software developers that create multiple types of software to take advantage of these types of opportunities day in and day out.  In just last year alone, I have released over 12 new apps that are being used by hundreds of customers across the globe.

There’s tons of testing that goes into what I’m about to share.  Heck, you don’t spend thousands upon thousands of dollars if this stuff doesn’t work.

Don’t believe me?  Take a look at some of my other successful software below:

And Here’s What Others Say About The Type of Results My Software Gets:

When it comes to generating results for local businesses and getting paid well for it, I know what I’m talking about.  And if you’re interested in having local businesses pay you every single month without breaking a sweat, then make sure you read every letter that follows…

So Why Would Local Businesses Pay You Month In and Month Out For This Listing Service?

Well, every business is in business for one thing.  And that’s to consistently increase their bottom line.

It’s true.  They want to have more customers coming into their business.  If they can increase their customers by an extra 5 to 10 per day, they’ll be extremely happy.

This means more sales for them and more repeat business in the future.

And that’s where you come in.

Because they either don’t have the know how or don’t have the time, as a local consultant you can help them get listed where their potential customers can see them.

But you might be wondering, “how EXACTLY do I get them listed?”

The Solution?
They’ve Got To Be Listed In The ‘Hood’.

Not the kind of hood you see on tv programs.  Well…yes…and not exactly.

I’m saying that when their potential customer does a search in Google for a product or service in a neighborhood, your client needs to be listed and right in view of those that are searching.

By being listed in their neighborhood and the surrounding ones, They can attract more customers that are not only searching for what they have to offer, but stand ready with cash in hand ready to pay them loads of money.

But Getting Those Results Is Easier Said Than Done.
And That’s Where I Come In…

While I’ll admit that there’s a king’s ransom to be had when getting paid from these local businesses, it’s not as simple as just doing some random pitch and collecting a check.

First, you have to be able to get in front of the potential busy local business owner. 

Then you have to pitch him something absolutely unique, something he or she has never heard before and something that would directly improve their business.

Then you have to prove that you can actually get the results that they need.

And this is what stops so many people from succeeding with this opportunity.  They don’t have the know how or skills to do either of the above.

But if that’s you, don’t worry.  I can help you with that.

As a matter of fact, I’ve put together a series of videos (along with some great bonuses) that can help you get local businesses listed in Google Maps Neighborhoods with less effort.

If you can follow some simple instructions, then you too can start generating monthly revenue  helping local businesses as well.

And this very special training will show you how…

Introducing GMAPS Case Study Secrets!

3 Over The Shoulder Case Studies Where I Reveal EXACTLY How To Profit Easily By Helping Local Businesses Get Listed in Google Maps Neighborhood So They Can Get More Customers!

Here’s What You’ll Learn In These Videos:

I give you 3 separate case studies of how I was able to help various local businesses get listed in the neighborhood and get more visibility.  Nothing is left out and I go over every detail.

Here are the 3 case studies included:

Case Study #1
“The Indian Cuisine Customer Increase”

What started as a simple experiment turned into a client becoming ecstatic with the results.

I challenged by a Dallas restaurant owner to also get them listed in the Ft. Worth area as well.

And one thing you should know about me…when it comes to getting businesses listed in the Google Maps Neighborhood…you should NEVER challenge me if you expect me to fail. 

So I got to work.  Using a mixture of tactics (that I reveal in the video) along with my ‘secret sauce’.

The end result?  The restaurant was listed in their desired target city IN ONLY A FEW DAYS!

By applying the strategies in GMAPS Case Study Secrets, the restaurant owner started getting more customers from a 30 mile radius versus the normal few miles most businesses experience!

Take a look at the proof below:



Case Study #2
“The Computer Nerd Business Boost”

Just to prove that my skills of getting businesses listed in Google Maps Neighborhood wasn’t  fluke, I chose an entirely different industry.

This time I worked with a computer service and repair business.  They were in Frisco, but wanted to target Plano for new customer opportunity.

And just like case study #1, we were able to take this business and expand their radius for brand new business outwards of 19 miles!

An entirely different niche, but using our ‘secret sauce’ GMAPS method, we were able to get it done in only a matter of days! 

Check out the proof below:



Case Study #3
“The Tech Geek Local Lead Generator”

For our final result, this client wanted to entire an entirely different city!  They were based in Amarillo and wanted to target Sleepy Hollow.

More specifically, this client provided IT services to local businesses and expanding their radius was of the utmost importance.

Not deterred, I got to work and began to use my methods along with our ‘secret sauce’ (see below) and the results were outstanding!

Now this business is listed in both cities just like they wanted! 

Check out the proof below:



If You’re A Local Consultant, This Is Great For You!

If you’re already into the local consulting game or you’re just getting started, then what better way to boost your agency’s revenue than offering this service to local businesses!

Look, local business owners are already jaded because of some failed attempts that other people have tried to sell them.  But where they’ve failed, you can succeed and be the solution they’ve been looking for all along.

Plus, when you actually do help them get results, they’re more than likely to continue to pay you month in and month out!

Struggling Online Marketers Can Benefit From This Too!

If you have been trying to make money from home, but can’t seem to put the pieces together…then this could definitely be the change you need.

See, a lot of online marketing takes a ton of tedious effort.  And even then it could take months to see results.

But with this, you could get started, and see results in days! 

Then you could take the money from this endeavor and invest it in your online businesses!

You Can Even Use This To Add Another Income Stream To Your Bottom Line.

Even if you’re already succeeding at some level whether it be online or offline, this still could be a viable opportunity for you.

Just think about it for a moment…

How many times do you frequent local businesses in not only your neighborhood, but others as well?

I’m sure a lot right?

Well, every time you walk into a local business from now on, I want you to imagine money with wings on it flying away.


Because by not even mentioning that you can help them get more customers, it will be like you leaving money on the table.

Especially since doing the work doesn’t take hours on end.

You could sign up a local business owner and take the steps to start getting them listed in their neighborhood in absolutely no time.

And these case study videos will show you how.

You’ll Also Receive These Special Bonuses When You Get Access Today.
(Only Available For a Limited Time!)

The case studies you’ll receive today are already worth their weight in gold.  Just one nugget you’ll pick up is worth at least 10X in potential profit than what you’ll invest today.

But just to sweeten the pot a little more, I’m going to also include these special fast track bonuses when you get access to these special case studies today:

The GMAPS Automator Software

This is the perfect compliment to the GMAPS Case Study Videos. 

With GMAPS Automator, you can automate the entire process of getting a local business listed in the neighborhood area fast and effortlessly.

This is a cloud-based software that automatically detects and suggests the neighborhood area where any local business can potentially get listed.  No matter where you are in the world.

Just do a quick search, select your lead and you’re ready to get started! 

Once you have chosen a certain lead and a target destination, GMAPS Automator will create a special page automatically for you.

This special page is our very own method and the ‘secret sauce’ that helps to get your brand new local business client listed in the selected neighborhood.

There’s nothing here for you to do.  No schema or special SEO skills required.  The software handles it all. But even if you get stuck, me and my team will show you how to get up and running quickly!

The GMAPS Starter Pack

You’ll also receive a starter pack of professionally designed logos, business cards, and flyers that you can sell to businesses as well.

You won’t have to do anything to receive these bonuses.  They will automatically be added to your member’s account when you sign up today.

The GMAPS Quick Start Guide

I’ll also include a very detailed guide on how to get the most out of every single case study included.  You’ll learn how to position the offer when speaking with potential clients and how to close those same clients effectively so you walk away with a check in hand..

A Done For You Consultant Site

This is a professionally designed made-from-scratch website to help you sell your neighborhood listing services. This is where your clients will land at first and this is what is going to be instrumental when it comes to leaving a great first impression on your clients, thus helping you close more deals faster. 

Just market and advertise your site to start attracting new clients quickly.  All you need to do is edit a few details, upload, and you’re ready to go. (My team will show you how to make the quick edit changes)

Here’s My 100% Satisfaction Quality Guarantee

We strive for 100% satisfaction and will honestly try to accomodate any buyers needs. We do incur substantial cost to have our staff modify and install the sites including keyword research and on-page optimisation.

Therefore NO REFUNDS Are Offered.

To help you make your purchase decision we are including both demo sites on the sales page so there is no mystery as to what you are getting. If you are not sure please ask before purchasing. Thanks!

Listen, If You’re Ready To FINALLY Start Living The Laptop Lifestyle…Then Click Below To Get Started!

These videos will show you the exact strategy that I’ve been using to get paid $500-$1,000 per client every single month.

The best part?  I do it from anywhere in the world.   I’m not tied to an office or forced to go through some dreary life sucking commute.

I simply get up, plan my day how I want it, spend a little bit of time working on these campaigns for clients and then go do whatever I want the rest of the day.

It’s a true laptop lifestyle.

I can take off or work on other businesses if I like which in turn brings me more profit.

So if you want the same thing, then I highly urge you to get access to GMAPS Case Study Secrets today.

Don’t wait.

Because the price will go up or these videos will be removed altogether.

Plus, don’t forget that you’re also getting access to a ton of great bonuses that help to automate much of the work too!

So with that being said, go ahead and get access to this amazing offer now and I’ll see you on the inside!

Get Started Now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the difference between GMAPS Software you sold before and this one?

GMAPS Robo Pilot/GMAPS AI is a software while GMAPS Case Study Secrets is a video course that gives you access to 3 different case studies where I would show you step by step how we helped our clients get listed in Google Maps Neighborhood and how you can do the same for your own clients and get paid.

Q. Why would a business want to get listed in the neighborhood areas in Google Maps?

Simple, because they can improve their traffic and sales. And also because there is nothing complicated involved so they would be more than willing to give it a try.

Q. Does this take a lot of time?

The actual methods can be implemented in under an hour. However, because of the way Google works, it might take a couple of days before a listing starts showing up in Google Maps search results. Usually, a listing starts showing up in 5-7 days.

Q. Is there a lot of competition?

The competition is quite minimal. Not a lot of consultants are hitting local business owners with such an offer to get them listed in the neighborhood areas.

Q. Do I need to spend more once I get in?

No. You can start without any money. And remember, you’ll be paid before you ever have to spend any money. That way cash flow is never a problem.

Q. Can I do this all from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to sign up clients?)

This entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone. I landed all my clients without having any face-to-face contact.