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Here Is How You Can Start Closing More Clients By Unlocking The Following Advanced Functionalities Of GMB Optimiser Pro

Create Brandable Reports For Clients

Instantly catch the attention of your potential prospects and convert more prospects into your paid clients with a professional looking report complete with your own branding.

These reports use a value-first approach so they not only point your prospects towards the problematic areas on their listings but also give them recommendations that ultimately help you close even more clients faster and easier.

Here Is How Demo Report Looks Like

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Create Personalised Landing Pages

Use our proven hyper-personalized dynamic landing pages that would make client-closing even more easier. Thanks to the dynamic technology, each landing page once created feels made just to address one business at a time. This way your clients would feel a personal connection giving a huge boost to your client-closure rates.

Here’s What The Landing Page Looks Like:

(All The Tokens Shown On The Personalised Landing Page Below Would Dynamically Change According To Business Lead You Choose To Make A Contact With).

DFY Prospecting Video Included

A done for you prospecting video is included in the personalized landing page that does all the talking and selling for you. You can even download it separately if you would like to use it elsewhere like in your emails, on your websites, wherever you want.

Considering we are in the middle of an unprecedented crisis, this DFY prospecting video totally eliminates the need for any live presentation or any in-person meeting with your clients.

Here’s An Example of The Done For You Prospecting Video:

(DFY Prospecting Video Below Is Added To The Landing Page Automatically For Even More Conversions)

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