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An Important Message From Mo Taqi...

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Have you noticed these little green checkmarks?

If you have ever searched Google for any particular service, such as a plumber, you will now notice a little green check mark next to some listings.

This little badge isn’t just for show, it tells potential customers that ...

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This Business is "Google Guaranteed".

The New Google Guarantee helps local service businesses build a solid reputation online, raise thier profile and and encourages customers to click on their ads.

So what is the Google Guarantee?


Everybody knows 'Google My Business' is great, but the best way to accelerate success in Google, is to take the steps to meet Google's local business standards.

This is how local businesses rise above the clutter and distinguish themselves from the rest.

That little green arrow in front of the business's name signifies that the business has met Google's rigorous business practices.

The Google Guarantee is granted to businesses who use Google's Local advertising and meet Googles standards.

Once qualified, your client's business will be advertised with the Official Google Guarantee Badge.

An here's the magnetic, powerful appeal of this to your client's Customers...

"If they're unsatisfied with your clients services for any reason they will be reimbursed by Google up to $2000!"...


Thats VERY Powerful!
What Local Service Provider Wouldn't Want That Protection Backing Them Up?

That's probably worth $50,000 to $100,000 + in extra business a year....CONSERVATIVELY!


A company of Google's stature and a guarantee that compelling and secure is what every local service provider wants. Hell, some would die to get it.

BUT, few have it.


In Many Cases Its Because They Don't Even Know It Exists!

OR they don't know how to begin the process of getting the credentialing started.


Its not extremely difficult, but its also not a 2 second process either. The business must pass certain requirements.

They must be a legitimate business that uses Google Local Advertising or Home Service Ads. Then, follow these simple steps…

1. Sign up for Local Services ads
2. Complete the background check
3. Complete license/insurance verification

How Does Google Guarantee Affect Business?

The benefits that the Google Guarantee provides mutually benefit business owners and customers online. Here’s how:

For Businesses – Build your reputation online with Google’s
endorsement. Customers who are dissatisfied with the quality of your services will be covered by Google.

For Customers – Potential customers are encouraged to click your ads with the Google Guarantee badge. Customers that use your services will be insured...and protected!


So what does the Google Guarantee cover?

Here's the facts:

If a customer is dissatisfied with the quality of the service provider's work, Google will cover claims up to the job invoice amount, with a lifetime cap of $2,000...

Thats A Game Changer For many In The Local Services Niche!

For practically all customers, the Google Guarantee is compelling.

Odds are, when someone is searching for a plumber, HVAC or locksmith service, they’re in a moment of need. They have a problem, need it fixed fast, and are likely to book a service right away.

It can be hard for the customer to determine who’s trustworthy in a Google search though, as reputable service providers have to compete against shady businesses who may be buying Google Ads to stand out.

Service providers with a Google Guarantee cab appear higher in search results (above Google Ads). This helps instill customer trust and provide peace of mind.

"The first ones who get Google Guaranteed are going to be getting the traffic. If you’re not, you’re going to fall behind,”

Lior Shaykevich, owner of Toronto Pro Locksmith, has experimented with Local Services ads. “It’s fantastic. It gets me to the top and shows the actual businesses that are capable of doing the job and makes me stand out,” he says. Mr. Shaykevich is spending about $400 a week, and says he is receiving an estimated five calls a day.

Mo Taqi and his intrepid team of software developers have worked overtime to bring you a system that capitalizes on the Google Guarantee.

Here's What You're Getting...

Its starts with a New Special software.. Our Brand New "GURU Leads" Software!

You'll Use The Software To Shortcut The Process.

The New, Free, and Powerful Software you're getting today is not like any you've seen before... since it's designed specifically to find sites that need the Google Guarantee Badge...and will make perfect clients for you.

Use it to identify the best service businesses, THEN...

Step 1

Find the perfect prospect

Step 2

Point Out Google Badge Businesses

Step 3

Contact & Close without Selling

Everything that is included When You Buy Today...

Number 2

DFY Installed Guru Guarantee Site For Consultants

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Number 2

Quick Start Guide

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Number 2

Guru Lead Software

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Training On How To Get Google Guarantee Badge

Number 3
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Email Template To Contact Businesses

Number 2
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Business cards ($47 Value)

Number 3
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Google Guarantee Proposal ($97 Value)

Number 3
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Google Guarantee Checklist ($47 Value)

Number 3
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Live coaching call ($97 value)

You can see all togther its a MASSIVE VALUE package, with more tools and instruction than anything we've ever assembled before...

Take a look at all you'll discover...

  • Why SEO Is hard but Guru Guarantee Badge is the easiest way to get on Page Search results
  • The simple steps to find Your target clients.
  • Why starting with multiple niches and multiple cities is a mistake.
  • Why GuruLeads Software makes you so much more money in less time
  • Video training in the Members Area covers everthing.
  • How Google Guarantee Badge surpasses other Door-Opener strategies.
  • You Must use THIS email approach or you wont get the results.
  • The 4 simple things you need to get your client started with GGB
  • Whats the LAST thing Google does before approving the business?
  • How to get your first client in 5 Days!
  • How to use Facebook to accelerate your progress.

This is Truly A Special Offer!

Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial

Who This is NOT for

I'd like to explain who this is DEFINITELY NOT FOR...

  • It is not a complicated method but you must learn the whole process... if you're too lazy for that, it not for you.
  • Its not for you IF...
  • You have no faith in anything and give up at the drop of hat...
  • You always feel your situation is DIFFERENT and thats why it wont work...
  • You feel you need more online/offline experience...
  • You are uncomfortable with marketing but like calling yourself a marketer...
  • You are prone to cutting corners or doing unethical things... definitely dont buy it.

BUT, if you are willing to learn a simple plan, follow proven instructions and take advantage of our new, powerful software, then you ought to jump in with both feet!

GURU Guarantee Badge Dollars is the method that can finally get you the results you’ve wanted in Local Marketing.

That’s because GURU Guarantee Badge Dollars reveals exactly how to attract the best local service providers as clients in almost no time at all!

GURU Guarantee Badge Dollars has been an in-house secret for us, but we really wanted to release a method that could help ANYONE create a full-time offline income.

...and the best part is YOU can make money with this without needing any special skills or experience. We know exactly how to make it work!

Once you join us, you’ll see how easy it is to setup the system and start creating recurring income from local service providers.

Clients will love you and their customers will love them!

We Have The Solution

If you think the income that you’ve always dreamed of is slipping away, we have a solution.

The GURU Guarantee Badge Dollars can be life-changing for you...espcially with our amazing "GuruLeads" software.

Whether you’re brand new or an experienced pro, this is your chance to not only meet, but exceed, your income goals.

When you join us, you’ll discover everything you need to know about GURU Guarantee Badge Dollars and how to navigate it for awesome profits. But remember, this is your ONLY invitation, so consider it very carefully.

And all these benefits, including the New "GURU Leads"Software are in short supply. In fact, as of this launch, there are only a limited number of spots left to get it all, INCLUDING THE AWESOME BONUSES.

Listen, this is a PROVEN system that capilizes on the latest in Google Promotions. One we've figured out, so you don't have to sweat it.

And since it has such an extremely high value... because you can use it to make as much money as you desire... and create the kind of lifestyle you've always dreamed about...

This Is The Last Time You'll Ever...
Get It At This Price!

You see, we're not just teachers, my team and I are doers. We're teaching the same process we use to attract local service clients to our business.

Even if we charged you $1,000 it would be worth it, since you'd earn that back so fast.

But Relax, It Isn't Going To Cost $1,000.

(Although maybe it should.) And you won't pay even a one-tenth of that ($100), like my private coaching clients have paid.

We crunched the the fee all the way down to... $27.


Your very SURVIVAL depends on having the best new services to offer to Local clients!

You need to join us and get GURU Guarantee Badge Dollars to stay in the loop with the powerful Local Marketing models...this is information and software you won't get anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for? Don't procrastinate!

Grab this opportunity and join us TODAY!

Click the BUY NOW button below…And Welcome!

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Mo Taqi


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