Today Im excited you bring you something that solves a big problem for a tiny price tag...and almost guarantees local dentists will be interested in what you you have to say.

This new Appointment Software for dentists works like magic to OPEN DOORS and build fast relationships...

which translates into new
dental clients!

As you may already know, dentists are the ideal offline prospects. Not only do they fall under 'high-ticket offline clients' category, they can also be among the easier clients to sell marketing services to.

Frankly, they view marketing as a task they would rather not engage in...but they know it needs to be done. Some even have a full-time marketing officer!

Its no surprise many established dentists do well, but the newer entrants have a harder time.

These new dentists are saddled with hefty student loans, high costs of building a practice, difficulty carving out a piece of the market against established practices, declining prices and rates of insurance reimbursement.

One of the things that almost ALL the dentists struggle with is keeping track of their appointments with patients.

Of course, there are software applications that do this...

For instance, dedicated solutions like Dentrix Ascend but they cost a fortune with fees reaching almost $20k a year.

The Problem Is Solved!

This is why we have developed the simplest and easiest Appointment Assistant for dentists who are not tech-savvy OR don't have a huge budget to invest in expensive apps.

In addition to Appointment Assistant, your're also getting 2 consultant websites, one for you to establish yourself as a Dental Marketing Specialist and another website to offer to local dentists for lead generation purposes and branding.

Dentistry: A Highly Competitive Industry.

If your area is like most, there is more competition out there than ever fighting for those “good” patients. Dentists are feeling the pinch like never before, especially newer dentists.

And what is contributing to this rise in competition?

There are a number of factors, including a denser concentration of dentists in prime population areas.

Another factor is the advent of large regional or corporate practices. These practices bring with them professional marketing support and big marketing budgets.

The main focus of these 'Big Doc' operations is to do high impact advertising bringing 'first time' patients through the door.

This really raises the bar for the independent practices that want to get noticed.(especially the new practices)!

Studies show there are 8 'game changers'affecting dentistry:

So, how do you get a dental practice to stand out?

How does a newer practice even survive?

The Modern Dentist Needs 2 Things... Marketing AND Cost Savings.

NOW, as a local marketing consultant, you'll bring them both.

But What About The Dentist's Overhead?

Dental Practice Software is not cheap! For many new dentists and for smaller practices, it ends up being a major expense. This is an area you may be able to save the dentist substantial money...

Dentist Revenue and Overhead

Today, a general dentist’s overhead averages 75% of income.

So for every dollar that is brought into the practice, only 25 cents is net income to the dentist.

The best way to decrease overhead is to have strong systems in place. Yet, one of the most costly systems in every dental office is the patient scheduling software.

Most dentists have heard of the major software players:

Dental Software Price Reviews

For locally-hosted software, small practices with a single user can expect to spend anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. If the software includes more advanced features like EMR and billing, expect to spend closer to $15,000.

Larger practices with multiple users can expect to spend in the tens of thousands of dollars - in some cases $50,000 or more!

For web-based software, Setup fees range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $5,000, depending on the size of their practice and the number of users. Monthly fees generally range from $50 to $500 per user.

With locally-hosted software, additional fees can include:

Basic Training, Technical support, Data transfer and more.

As you can see, Dental Practice
Management software can be
very expensive...

Even If all the Dentist really wants
is a Simple Way to schedule

How Our New Software Helps
Introducing our new Dental
Scheduling Assistant!

**It helps most by implementing patient self-scheduling.

The average phone call to schedule an appointment takes over eight minutes. Multiply that by the number of appointments scheduled each day and the practice may be spending hours on appointment scheduling each day!

Many practices send all appointment scheduling calls to a designated person (typically be a relatively low-paid employee.)

Now, with this New Software, this personnel is an expense area the practice may be able to cut back on.

**Studies show that the majority of patients prefer to schedule their own appointments online.

Even better, 26 percent of appointments scheduled online are for the same day or the next day, filling up empty spots on your schedule!

**The New Dental Scheduler Assistant Software quickly and easily lets patients make their own appointments. Saves the time and expense of a staff person and provides accurate, timely information.

**The New Dental Scheduler Assistant Software confirms appointments with email appointment reminder. Utilizing this new appointment reminder software system will improve the number of on-time arrivals and kept appointments.

**The New Dental Scheduler Assistant Software saves up to thousands in expensive software fees, training and maintenance. For many newer dentists (and even some established dentists) it's the perfect choice!

Here's a birds eye view Of the new Scheduling Software:

This TOTAL Package Blows Away
Anything Else Out There!

A New Custom Consultant Website desigend to help you sell
the Dental Software Service...AND it is Installed For You!

Click on the Image to View The Consultant Website

A New Dental Website for your dental client to use. (Either sell or give away to the dentist) It can also serve as a powerful lead gen page...AND is installed for you!

Click on the Image to View The Consultant Website

You're getting a web-based done-for-you and already installed solution called 'Appointment Assistant' (you can sell to dentists) especially new dentists that will help them capture and schedule appointments with their patients. Its the easiest, least expensive way to do this yet!

Besides the Dental Scheduler Software, you're also getting 2 additional software tools:

Dentist acquisition email templates you can use to reach out to dentists and close the deals with them.

500 dentists leads to help you get started right away.

Video training on how to find dentists that need this now

Video training showing how to install dental system on client’s site/server.

Here are just some of the things you'll discover in this dental marketing training:

What to Do Now

This new Dental Package including all the software is important, so I'm urging you to take action now.

There is no time to wait...

If you want to build a successful consulting practice you can’t be without the information I’m going to share. The dental practioner niche is one of the most viable in all of local marketing.

Even the smallest dental practice needs marketing assistance AND can benefit from the cost savings our new software provides.YOU can be that source for valuable counsel and this powerful new Scheduling Software.

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