You’re about to discover how you can claim YOUR share of a 36.7 BILLION dollar market... soon growing to $50 billion! One that Forbes calls “among the fastest growing online services in the world.”

Even though it’s already booming, this market is poised for even MORE unprecedented growth.

In fact, more than HALF of all businesses are unhappy about their Google ranking and want to improve it.

Millions that used to be spent on Yellow Pages and Newspapers are being funneled into online advertising and improving search engine ranking.

"The opportunity to help local
businesses is wide open for
YOU to profit."

In fact, almost anyone with a little ambition and the right software tools can claim their share of the fortunes being made in this market.

I'll tell you all about it in just a minute.

But first, Let Me Introduce Myself...

My name’s Mo Taqi and some call me the "Done For You Dude" (that's because of my reputation for providing "Done For You" Installed Software for local marketers.)

Some of you may know, I've developed some of the most popular software applications for our local market including...

Since Then I've Been On A
Mission To Sell SEO.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of helping your customers connect with your business online. Our SEO tools, help increase your clients traffic & rankings for their desired keywords and 'long-tail' phrases.

The SEO consulting business is an insanely profitable opportunity, and its still growing. After all these years, why have I invested so much time and money in SEO excellence? The answer is simple...

Everyone Needs Free Traffic!

Before you let any pre-conceived (and most likely wrong) notions about this SEO industry into your head, note this...

Why Is The SEO Market So Big?

85% of local business owners don't know anything about SEO

Local Businesses Need Help!

My team and I set about creating a tool that would make landing SEO clients far easier..and far less expensive.

A tool that was accurate, reliable and perfect for the tech novice! Now, Im proud to introduce...

What Local SEO Hunter Does

Local SEO Hunter generates a professional, comprehensive SEO Report for ANY website in the world.

This professional seo report details all the SEO weaknesses, descrepancies and obstacles on the client website.


The Report then provides a detailed list of recommended changes and improvements website owners can use to rectify all the issues themselves.

The consultant supplies this report to create goodwill and provide the prospect business a high initial value. This step is the "Icebreaker" and helps builds rapport and open communication with the business.

Features Of The Report
Consultants LOVE:

The Software is just the start of this massive package! Look at what else you're getting:

D-F-Y Installed Consultant Site

Click on the Image to View The Consultant Website

Quick Start Guide
explain in step-by-step fashion everything you need to
implement this powerful SEO Client Capture System.



The experts teach you how to fix seo issues and get great results for clients.


Everything you need to know to run the software from A to Z.

PLUS Killer Bonuses To Give you a Massive Advantage...

Proven Email Template
To Contact Businesses


500 SEO Leads

"Heres a Sneak Peek At The
Members Area."

It's Time You Get Your Clients On Google's First Page!

Your clients are learning the sad truth; Searchers online always go for the resources they get quickly with minimum effort.

The web pages listed in the first few pages of search results get all the views. In fact, the first page's top 5 results get almost all the clicks.

Local clients want better search positions and are paying for it everyday. What you need is a simple method to reach out to them cheaply and easily, make contact and close them calls.

The Key Is The Optimization Report!

It's time you get Local SEO Hunter Software to add SEO clients and increase your monthly income.

Make their website stand out. Simple, easy and no cost traffic. Organic traffic from Google. More clicks, more cash, zero effort...Proper SEO strategy gets results!

Here are just some of the things you'll discover:

What to Do Now

This is important, so I feel very confident about urging you to take action now.

don’t wait another second to get started...

If you have any interest at all in building your consulting practice you can’t be without the information I’m going to share. SEO and SEO services are not going away and neither is the internet.

Even the smallest business needs the internet and good rankings to survive. YOU can be that source for valuable counsel and improved search results.

And priced at just $32 there’s nothing to “mull over.” Please click on the button below to join us. We're lookimg forward to working together and are 100% confident you'll like our approach!