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The Advanced, Inside Secrets $100,000-A-Year-Consultants Are Using To Land Top Clients For The Most Profitable Offline Services.

…FINALLY, you'll attract clients overnight like a magnet without lifting a finger - GUARANTEED.

Who else wants to attract 100 cash paying clients to your local consulting practice and generate Steady Monthly Mega-Profits?

Mo Taqi

As you read this message carefully, you're going to notice something that may change the way you seek and find Local Clients.

Something that may jump out at you or just sneak up on you when you least expect it. Its so powerful I'm going to disclose a few hints about it right now...

The 3 Biggest Reasons You're Not Getting Good Clients

#1 : You Have nothing NEW to offer prospect Clients. Sorry, but if they say they've heard it all before, its'probably because they have. Having a new, interesting service that works isn't an's a necessity, if you want to make money.

#2 : You need a "Hands-Off" way to approach prospects and quickly identity the best candidates WITHOUT COLD CALLING. Automation isn't just for the clients, its something you need to embrace as well..

#3 : Providing the service involves too much labor on your part. Unfortunately, to land a lot of good-paying clients takes time. If fulfilling the services take a lot more time, your growth comes to a screeching halt! You need a service that is quick to fulfill, or it's not doable.

Until you solve these 3 problems, trying to make money as a local marketing consultant is like trying to...

Teach A Pig How To Fly!

I know what I'm talking about since I've been working with clients, mostly by phone and email, for the last 4 years.

I have felt the same frustration you've been feeling, since wherever you go in this world, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE.

I have wondered where my next client is going to come from and how will I keep my team busy and productive.

I love Brian Tracy's saying, "In our business, We only get to eat what we kill."

So, when you and I wake up and go out land a client we absolutely need an EDGE.

What I'm bringing you today is that EDGE...

What if I told you there's a local marketing service that less than 10% of your prospect clients have even heard of, let alone know how to implement for their business?

Thats would be pretty exciting right?

But WAIT, it gets better...

What If it took hardly any time at all for you to implement it AND you got paid for it EVERY MONTH?

And not some tiny amount of money either...instead its usually $500 to as much as $750 a month! clockwork.

Why Would They Pay So Consistently?

Well, there's only reason...Because IT WORKS!

It brings your local clients the only thing they want:

RED HOT CALLS from interested customers.

And These customers do almost nothing for the calls to take place. No looking up a number, making sure the number is correct, inputting each digit...FORGET ALL THAT!

IN fact, let me give you a quick tour of how it all works...

Call-only ads are designed to encourage people to call your clients business easily and quickly.

Call-Only Ads appear only on devices that make phone calls. When a potential customer clicks your ad, he can immediately place a call straight from the end.


Its Remarkable Technology... Made EASY.

Call-Only ads bring more calls directly to your client's business instead of sending customers to your website landing page.

This results in a more DIRECT CHANNEL and less wasted advertising.

Not all business need to drive leads to their websites.

When someone’s driving home from work and using Google Assistant to find a place to grab dinner, they’re not going to pull over to make a reservation online.

They want to call the business.

When someone’s out shopping for the holidays and looking for a specific gift, they’re not interested in searching an e-commerce website to find out if a local store has what they need in stock.

They want to call and ask.

There's plenty of scenarios where people prefer calling a business to roaming around its website:

#1. To make an appointment (healthcare)
#2. To make a reservation (dining),
#3. To confirm availability of an item or store hours (shopping).
#4. To buy or reserve tickets (attractions).

We call these “I-want-to-go” and “I-want-to-buy” moments, and they’re exactly what Call-Only ads were designed for.

6 Reasons Why Call-Only Ads Should Be Part of Your Strategy

Call-Only Ads are specifically targeted for businesses whose focus is phone calls. Heres' why they're sol valuable...

#1: Phone Number Is at the Top of the Ad
Unlike call extensions, the phone number is the first thing you see in the ad – and with the word “Call” incorporated. This ad format on a mobile device is more likely to get the user to take an action. It’s also highly visible with bigger font size and blue text

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#2. Prominent Call Button
The call button is readily displayed next to the ad. This enables an immediate call to action for the user – they are one click away from contacting your client, and you are one click away from a potential sale.

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#3. A Click = A Phone Call
The call button is readily displayed next to the ad. This enables an immediate call to action for the user – they are one click away from contacting your client, and you are one click away from a potential sale.

#4. Call Only Is Flexible And Testable
Like call-only ads can be set up to display only when the business is open and there’s someone knowledgeable working who can answer calls.

#5. Direct Line to Your Business
Think of call-only ads as a direct hotline straight into your clients' business. Your clients call support team should be well versed in the ad copy that is being used, so they understand what people are looking for when they call in.

#6. Ability to Create More Targeted Ads
The call to action is going to be the call itself, you are not focused on messaging that is promoting a call to action. This is very different from other online ads. Use messaging such as “speak to a rep today,” “call for free estimate,” or “talk with a consultant Now.”

And Don't Forget...

**79 percent of smartphone owners use their devices to shop.

**82 percent of mobile shoppers use search to determine what they're going to shop for.

Mobile users are mobile shoppers, and it’s all the more important to have your paid search ads front and center...

AND The Most Important FACT To Know:

**70 percent of people searching on mobile will call a business directly from the search results!

162 Billion?

That’s how many times consumers will call businesses in this year (2019) according to BIA/Kelsey. The time is right for this new development...

Its Time For Consultants To Earn what they're Worth By Getting Connected to...


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Just Look At What You're Getting...

Number 1

DFY Installed Pay Per Call Site for Consultants

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Click on the Image to View The Consultant Website
Number 2
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Step-By-Step Video
Training On Setting Up Ads

Number 3
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Email Template To
Contact Businesses

Number 4
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500 DFY Leads

Number 5
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Live Training:
Walks Through Everything Step-By-Step

Number 4
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Training on Finding

Number 5
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***Special Members Only
Outsourcing Deal***

Everything done for you – finding leads, emailing them, getting their work done, weekly reports.

Promote Something NEW & DIFFERENT!

This marketing system is NOT SATURATED. It's not on every street corner being peddled by every salesman and it's definitely not 'old news'! Its also something thats easy to explain. When potential clients 'get it' they light up, since it makes complete sense.

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for ways to drive more calls and call-only ads can be an effective tactic to do that.

Don't Be Confused

There is a difference between call extensions and Call-Only Ads.

Extensions provide some extra information that appears within the text ad. When shown with text ads, call extensions display a clickable button that dials the business’ phone number, serving as an additional call to action.

Call-only ads are ad TYPES, NOT AD EXTENSIONS, and will always appear with the business’ clickable phone number.

For most businesses, they are the most powerful and generate the most 'ready' leads.

Call-Only Ads Hit The Target FASTER

Phone Number

Users who choose to interact with call-only ads are further into the purchase funnel usually than users who prefer to first see a website for more details.

So, Call-Only conversion rates are typically higher than text ad conversion rates since you only get the BEST, most READY customers calling.

Also, Call-only ads can be a great resource for businesses that do not have strong mobile websites or any at all! This way they can connect online leads directly with their sales team.

"Call-only ads work best for businesses that convert many of their customers over the phone. For example, one team implemented a call-only ad campaign for an insurance provider, using unique tracking for each individual insurance agency’s phone number. Throughout the campaign, the client noticed that the call-only ads drove much stronger conversions than text ads...."

It’s possible to track how many phone calls call-only ads are generating directly in AdWords.

Just A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

Using Call-Only Ads PAYS...

For local businesses, phone calls and in-person visits are often much more profitable than visits to a website.

If your agency has local business clients, call-only ads can be the missing link to boosting revenue and proving a clients investment in your services is worthwhile.

Track the conversions of these Call-Only Ads, and you’ll have a good case to make that maintaining these campaigns is a profit booster for the client!

Frequently Asked Questions


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Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial

Where Did All The BIG-PROFIT
Local Marketing Opportunities Go?

Take heart, they are out there, but you have to do some digging. You have to be a detective, and NOT follow the crowd. Thats what I did to discover and fine-tune these CALL-ONLY ad campaigns.

I'm absolutely serious when I say you can turn your situation around fast by offering 'Call Only' Ads Services to local businesses.

This is easy money for local consultants, it’s easy to set up. You don’t have to be an expert to do this, just follow our step-by-step training and charge your clients $500 or even more for this quick job.

Remember the 3 problems I talked about in the beginning of this page?

#1: You Have nothing NEW to offer prospect Clients.

#2: YOu need a "Hands-Off" way to approach prospects.

#3: Providing the service involves too much labor on your part.

ALL Three are SOLVED Permanently with the "Painless Auto-Call" System. Thats why I'm so excited for you. Ive just removed teh biggest obstacles to your success once and for all!

If You're Still Not Sure, Read This...

If you're still a bit skeptical, I understand.

No else has assembled a A Call Only System that consultants like you and I can offer...

And who includes a D-F-I website INSTALLED as well?

Just the website alone can capture leads for you and build your Call-Only business faster than you think...

But Some will say to themselves…

”If I had package like this , including the option of a DFY Hand's Off Service, why would I sell it? I'd just use it and collect all the fees..."

I understand and I know some think that way...but sharing this a small group of Local consultants doesnt hurt my income at all. I'll still attract all the local clients I want.

However, if you have an open mind and a strong desire to achieve success, the kind of success that you always dreamed could be possible, then try it...Theres no risk. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Regards From Your Friend, Mo Taqi

Quality Mark

Mo Taqi

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