October 16th 2019

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I'm Mo Taqi, and after personally specializing in SEO for big and small clients for the last 8 years, I, along with a few serious experts, have stumbled on an 'underground change' in Google's Ranking Formula.

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You won't hear about this everyhwere, but its 100% real and can change the ranking and results of your client's sites...

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When Google Changed Gears

It all started back in 2017.

In early 2017, the 'Google Quality Raters Guide' was leaked to the public...many SEO pros got their first look at what Google was starting to focus on (later on they released it to the public as well).

SEO experts all over the world scrutinized this internal document that the big 'G' search quality evaluators would use to evaluate websites!

The BIG Change...

Surprisingy, the first thing this "Quality Raters Guide" document instructed the site evaluators to check first, before anything else, was the reputation of a website in question.

The number one factor wasn’t backlinks, or social signals or even quality content.

The first thing Google
focused on was

Many of the brightest SEO minds began to analyze this new direction for Google:

They reasoned...

"If Google is putting extra emphasis on a site’s reputation, we also need to prioritize reputation in our ranking strategy."

My own SEO work and Online Reputation Work has mirrored these Google evidence reports and these other expert's opinions.

According to my own testing the evidence is...


Reputation has definitely become one of the primary factors in Google's Ranking Formula...some in the know would say THE PRIMARY FACTOR!

In fact, many insiders are now predicting factors (like social signals, web 2.0s, etc) that are working now, will be overtaken by Reputation Reviews as a ranking factor in 2020.

Why Does Reputation Matter?

Think about the typical process of buying products on sites like Amazon...

A user will visit Amazon, type in the product you are looking for in the search box, then you sort it by price, and then see which offer/product has the BEST REVIEWS BEFORE clicking on the BUY button.

Most serious buyers will not pursue a product with few reviews OR bad reviews...buyers want the assurance that what they are choosing is popular and well-rated by the public.

The same thing happens when buyers do a Google search for something. Whether you are looking for a plumber or a roofer or a dentist, or any other service on Google, serious buyers mainly consider the services/businesses with the best reviews and the highest scores or stars.

Most Will Not Even Consider Contacting Businesses With BAD REVIEWS!

The POWER of reviews and high ratings becomes obvious.

This makes reviews usually the dominant factor, the decisive factor, even the only reason someone contacts a business in the first place!

Reviews definitely play a huge role in organic listings on Google but ALSO with paid ads (PPC).

Its been shown that if you're advertising with paid ads, visitors will first click on a site with more (positive) reviews/ratings.

Advertisers whose reputations are not good, suffer with higher PPC costs and poor conversions. It all adds up.

...Just one more reason why Reputation is more important than ever before.

So, it becomes more clear everyday site Reputation and Reviews impact both traffic AND conversions.

The Evidence Right From Google

Bottom Line: Traditional SEO is going to become less and less effective. The evidence is clear that SEO is going to change so it's essential you have a new marketing plan in place. (more on that later).

Before I share more, take a look at this Google Ranking Proof:

Look closely...

The above is a screenshot from a Google search page.

It includes reviews from different platforms. You'll see Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews and you can also see Angies List in there as well.

What is happening in the background is Google is tracking all these reviews actively. This is sometimes referred to as 'curation' of theses reviews and comments. Now, look at the screenshot below. This site has 647 reviews... they're completely dominating the Google in their local area.a

It's clear that REPUTATION REVIEWS are playing a major part in these sites rankings. Yet many consultants and marketers are unaware of how the ground is shifting and REPUTATION is assuming new importance.

YOU will be leading the way and are poised to get the lion's share of the business!

The future of SEO is Reputation-based. If your client's business has a poor reputation, it will become harder to rank in Google, harder to convert visitors and even harder to profit.

The critical link to better ranking is more and better reputation citations.

How "Reputation Power Ranker" Helps

What my team has developed is extraordinary.
..and its going to make your consulting practice a source of huge income and praise from clients.

Reputation Power Ranker is a new, unique software that not only makes your user's business agency 'future-proof', but also delivers almost instant results to a consultant's clients. Early reviews are calling it a "Home Run".

It's a 2-in-1 Cloud-Based application with 2 special modules;

Module #1. Review Generation and Review Acquisition Module.

Module #2. Review Syndication Module.

The Review Generation module helps your users easily generate and collect reviews for local businesses while filtering all the negative reviews.

The Review Syndication module then promotes all positive reviews on social media by scheduled syndication.

This whole system is what the business marketplace has been begging for!

"Reputation Power Ranker" automates the entire process of:

1. Review Generation

2. Review Syndication

3. Reputation Results that help local businesses and online businesses get on page 1 of Google FAST!

An Insider's Look at What
This Amazing Software Does...

  • There Is No other software in the market like this right now!

  • ONE PLATFORM that intakes, organizes, tracks and manages all the reviews for your local clients.

  • includes 30+ most popular review sites which are managed from the dashboard

  • With Just ONE CLICK you can create Reports and add Widgets on your sites

  • Main dashboard shows how many reviews are coming in, when they are coming in and a running review count

  • Click 'Manage' button for adding businesses

  • Read actually reviews as they come in and create detailed reports to send to clients! Automatically!

  • WIDGETS let you invite clients customers to leave a review on a third party site OR on your internal site.

  • postive reviews are funneled to the 30+ popular review sites...negative reviews will only be sent to you (for follow-up by business owner)

  • Further upgrade options add Lead Finder Function and White Label Function.

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