Did you Know...

There Are Over 1 Million Restaurants In The U.S And Most
Of Them DON'T Have Mobile Friendly Websites Which Is
Devastating Their Reservations Rates..


Most Restaurant Owners Have No Idea About This Either...

  • ...That's Why They'll Gladly Pay Up To $2,000 For A Mobile Friendly, Pre-Designed. Custom Website When It Pops Up In Their Inbox!
  • Without a "mobile friendly site Restaurants can Lose up to half of their potential reservations, which slashes their sales AND their reputation.
  • And what's worse for Restaurants Owners?
  • GoogLe's started ranking mobile optimized pages much higher in search engines.
  • So Restaurants with an old fashioned flash website - don't even get noticed. Let alone reservations!
  • Consultant"
  • BUT - You can make up to $2000 solving this problem PER Restaurant Owner!

You Can Sell Them A Solution Without Lifting A Finger..

  • It only takes s short and simple email to sell the solution to Restaurant Owners:
  • Did you know about the Flash fault?
  • If a site was originally built with Flash it will no Longer Load properly on mobile devices (if at all!)
  • I'm sure you've come across a page or two Like it before?
  • We ALL click right off it in frustration.
  • 79% of all internet use is via mobile - so reservations for Restaurant Owners without a mobile-optimized page will be devastated.
  • Once those Owners discover just how badly this Flash fault will affect their businesses they'll easily pay $2000+ to solve the problem.
  • This represents an incredible money-making opportunity.
  • You can easily seLL mobile friendly websites to Restaurant Owners who desper-ately need them and profit BIG TIME.
  • It gets better, because capitalizing on this gold-mine opportunity involves ab-solutely NO...
  • left_icon Hard Selling (most restaurant owners are SOLD as soon as they discover they've got a fauLty flash website and a modern mobile optimized one right in front of them)
  • left_icon Tech Skills (your website/wordpress templates/email prospecting are all GIVEN to you)

The Combination Of The "Flash Fault" And Google Ranking Mobile Optimized Pages Higher - Will Kill Online Reservations For Most Restaurants...

Here's what you need to know:

  • left_icon A lot of Restaurant websites use Flash which doesn't load AT ALL on mobile devices.
  • left_icon The blank page and error message it produces will KILL ALL online reservations.
  • left_icon Google is de-ranking sites that aren't Mobile Optimized so any Flash sites will fall off the radar.

What Are MobiLe Optimized Pages?

Simply: They make browsing the web on a cell phone:

  • left_icon Easy..
  • left_icon Hassle free..
  • left_icon Fast..

Which is EVERYTHING a Restaurant Customer wants when booking a reservation.

How Can You Tell If A Page Isn't Mobile Optimized?

  • You'll either get a blank page and error message or a website that loads slowly and is hardly usable.
  • (And leo% impossible to book a reservation through!)

What's Going To Happen To Restaurant Sites That Aren't Mobile Optimized?

2 things:

  1. They won't get any online Reservations because it'll be impossible for the majority of the population to use their site.
  2. Google will rank them super low in its search engine so people won't even know they exist.
  • This will devastate SO MANY Restaurants.
  • If they're uncontactable via the web?
  • left_icon No one will call them to make a reservation..
  • left_icon No one can book a table online...
  • left_icon No one can call to enquire about their services..
  • In other words, this is going to cripple most Restaurants.
  • They'll be totally unable to conduct business online because their site will USELESS.

Finding "Old-Fashioned" Websites In A Flash On Google:

  • It couldn't be easier.
  • We've got a special 'Google Hack' that makes finding faulty websites so straightforward and speedy.
  • All you have to do is type into the search bar:
  • filetype:swf X
  • The X could be anything from:

Restaurant In Dallas
Steakhouse In San Francisco
Coffee Shop In Chicago

  • And that simple line of code will bring up ALL of the Restaurants in your chosen area that are STILL using Flash.
  • As we know if a Restaurants website is still using Flash - they won't load on mobile.
  • So. those Restaurant Owners will be losing out on the 50% of customers who book online.
  • Every single one of those websites needs Mobile optimization.
  • Making each and every one of them a potential client for YOU.
  • Especially when you consider that..

Most Restaurant owners have NO clue this problem exists!

  • Which is why there's no hard selling involved in landing clients for this essential service.
  • ALL you have to do is:
  1. Send them a brief email to Let them know what's going on..
  2. Offer them a solution right in from of them..
  3. Happily bank the $2000+ they'll be begging you to take..
  • And because you're delivering upfront value? You can build trust quickly.
  • These Restaurant Owners will THANK YOU for asking them to pay just $2000 for a mobile optimized site.
  • Which is the best part of this golden opportunity.
  • Usually, cold emailing generates a very Low response rate and lots of rejections.
  • Instead, by not only warning Restaurant Owners about the Flash Fault AND the new Google ranking system, but ALSO providing them with a professional solution you'll never have to deal with:
  • left_icon Rejection
  • left_icon SPAM Complaints
  • left_icon Angry Replies
  • This all makes for a completely hassle-free buying experience that will have your cli-ents handing over their money with a smile on their face.

Plus, You Can Specifically Target Star Rated Restaurants That Need Professional, Mobile Optimized Pages To Attract High Paying Customers..

(That You Can Charge Even More For!)

  • !This is the real trick" to generating MASSIVE profits with this new opportunity... Because different types of Restaurants will have different target audiences.
  • Higher caliber Restaurants will want a website that reflects their Level of service and will be more than willing (and able) to pay a higher price for your website offer.

You could sell a mobile optimized web page for THOUSANDS!

  • Which means that you can increase your profits 5-10X simply by Laser-targeting specific kinds of Restaurants.
  • And the fact is - it's just as easy to seLL a more "expensive" website...
  • ...so why not focus on the ones that will put the most money in your pocket?

3 Common Fails For Restaurant Website Sellers..

Fail #1: Not creating a "personalized" page..

  • Lots of sellers will mass mail one website design to a ton of different Restaurant owners.
  • The problem? Every Restaurant is different - so a generic page wont cut it.
  • Think about it... A Steakhouse and a Chinese Restaurant would want VERY different websites.
  • You need to add the personal touch to a page to make an owner pay.
  • Like their Restaurant's name and pictures of their specific food.

Fail #2: Not showing a DEMO page..

  • If an Owner cant see it, they probably won't believe it.
  • And certainly won't pay for it!
  • By offering a preview of their new potential page you:
  • left_icon Demonstrate the time and effort you've put into the design
  • left_icon Provide a comparison to their old, boring and faulty page
  • left_icon Make an owner think: It IS right in front of me ready to go.."

Pitfall #3: Not Explaining the need for a Mobile-Optimized page..

  • To most Restaurant Owners mobile technology and SEO rankings on Google won't have ever crossed their mind.
  • ASo they're unlikely to understand just how important a mobile friendly page is for their Business.
  • If you don't explain it fully? They won't be interested and $2000 will seem Like A LOT.
  • Bur once they DO understand the impact it'll have on their business and their reputation?
  • It'll be aLL they think about. And $2000 will seem Like a STEAL
  • Ever since we discovered this HUGE market, we've been hard at work perfecting the process.
  • And it's safe to say we made more than a few mistakes along the way:
  • left_icon Wasting St000s of dollars chasing inappropriate Leads..
  • left_icon Being too 'pushy" or "sales-y" in our emaiLs
  • left_icon Lost sales for pricing too Low AND too high (until we found the "sweet spot"...)
  • Luckily now we've got it nailed.
  • And want to help YOU avoid making the same mistakes we did! That's why we created:

That's Why we created

  • The most effortless, hands-off way to profit from $709 billion Restaurant Industry.
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