March 13th 2019

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Mo Taqi

Hello Consultant Friends...
Its Mo Taqi here and I have some news that you've never heard before.

And when I reveal this, I'm betting you're going to be shocked. When my programmers came to me and showed me what they developed,

But before I do that, I want to share why we created this "Marketing Monster" tool...and make no mistake, its a real Monster when it comes to Sales!

As you probably know my team is a 24/7 sofwtare development group. They design and test custom software to assist Local Marketers.

Their ONE GOAL: Help local marketers/consultants earn more money easier and faster.

..and they are VERY good at it, having developed some of the most succcessful and best-selling user software for local consultants. That's our niche and we LOVE IT!

Everything we do is based on NEED. It's our first and most important test; Does the Market need a software solution to 'This' problem?

We identified a problem by talking to consultants who were trying to sell "Site Speed Improvement" services to local businesses...BTW,

Local Businesses Care About Their Slow Loading Website because according to Google's statistics, 40% of Searches have LOCAL INTENT!...(whether on mobile, desktop or laptop.)

So Local businesses can't ignore such a big part of their market. When potential customers are searching, they're impatient to see the site appear.(especially if they're on their phone!)

They may be in their car, or traveling from out of town. Their frustration with slow loading sites usually causes them to jump to another site's link.

But it's one more customer and one more sale lost.

It gets worse (in the case of mobile phones)...according to the Stats...

The average time for a website to load on a mobile device is 15 seconds.

BUT, as the loading time goes up just 3 seconds, the bounce rate jumps 32%!

Then, as it goes up to 10 seconds the bounce rate goes up 123%!! NO question that delay starts to kill customer count AND can affect search ranking.

But its not just accessing them on mobile phones that reveals slow sites...

Many sites load slow on Desktop and Laptop machines, too.

Websites Must Be Properly
Optimized To Improve Loading

...which means local business sites need professional help. Website owners do not have a clue how to fix the 'slow-loading problems.

Sites must be properly optimized to improve these loading times... which means local business sites need professional help. Website owners do not have a clue how to fix the 'slow-loading problems.

Slow-Loading Sites Are Prime For
Our Speed Site Improvements.

The Local Consultants were contacting the site owners, getting interest, but there was one issue...

They were running into a problem convincing the site owners what kind of results they would get...they needed a way to VISUALLY demonstrate and quantify the outcomes..A form of PROOF.

Some actually contacted us and asked for help. They asked, "Was it possible to develop software that could accurately forecast the site speed improvement?"

So, I put my team to work on it. And after some long nights and plenty of testing I got word they had succeeded.

I'm happy to say, we have developed a new software tool that provides the most convincing demonstration for website owners, and...

Makes Your Sales Job So Much Easier!

We're calling it the "Before & After" Speed Site Software...because thats exactly what it does.

It displays in an easy-to-read Dashboard how much improvement the process we use will benefit the client's site.

Its all there in full color for prospects to see...and its VERY convincing.

Google Maps Places

With this new tool, actually landing Speed Site clients gets 500% easier, faster and gives the consultant added confidence.

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Plus, we're providing fool-proof instructional videos so consultants can get up to speed on its use very fast.

These videos feature actionable, up-to-the-minute strategies for prospecting and signing new Site Speed clients.

VIDEO #1 Training:

Video Training

Finding local businesses leads and approaching them. This video will take even a rookie and bring them up to speed on the best technique to locate good 'site speed' prospects.

VIDEO #2 Training:

Video Training

How to use 'Before and After' Speed Ninja Pro Software. Follow as Taqi walks you through each step in the software apllication process. You'll master the use of this software to SELL the service much easier.

VIDEO #3 Training:

Video Training

Training: How to fix slow speed site issues easily and quickly with our Step-By-Step approach. Now you'll learn the simple steps to actually perform the site speed improvement.

These videos include the same strategies and techniques some of our top students are using to create monthly incomes.

You’ll gain new skills and expertise so you pick and choose the best prospects for the service. Instead of guessing, you'll know what to do!

You'll walk away with a feeling of confidence so you can finally communicate with prospects and clients effortlessly...and you'll apply these techniques again and again for success.

The LIghtbulb Will Go Off In Your Head

You'll say, "This is what I need to pull this all make sales and collect my fees"

If you've been struggling to land local clients, especially Site Speed clients, then this will be your breakthrough.

Get Ready to Accelerate Your local consulting success…Land Site Speed clients faster, easier and more often…and master the secrets of a consistent high income without stress.

Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial Testimonial

How member requests caused us to develop this new software.

Why you may not want to do anything but site speed improvements - its that lucrative!

Why you dont need any big sales pitch to get businesses attention

The data G provides which is perfect for our job

Clever free online tools that can do all the 'heavy lifting' for you.

How to find the best High-Paying Niches (little known site that reveals the best)

Which sites on which results page will produce the best results? (hint: its not what you think!)

EXACT search terms you should be using to find client leads

PROOF you can do this almost anywhere in the world and target US and other countries!

The BIGGEST mistake you can make offering this service

Which sites you must avoid and why.

The 'site scores' that need the most help

How to speed up the search process itself with ONE CLICK

Live Demo of finding 4 perfect sites for Speed Improvements... in under 10 minutes!

Best way to get the businesses email address/phone numbers and key contacts

What your email should say to get them to respond

And Much More!


That's the formula for success. It's always worked and it works even better right now with this new NINJA SPEED SITE. For the 'LIttle Guy or Gal", starting out, this is the way to go.

We're so confident this will work for you (if you'll 'work' it), you're getting a 30 Day Money Back questions asked.

If you have considered offering "Site Speed" services to website owners, oR have tried but been unsuccessful, this is for you!

We've found the formula that works...combining our new Video Training AND the new "Before & After" PROOF Software.


This is one offer we're not going to keep open long. I want you to have shot at this before others jump in. That just DOUBLES your opportunity and I'm just fine with that!

So, it's your call. There's not much else to say. With a price this small, and an income potential this large, it should be an easy decision.

Lets Review ALL You're Getting...

Number 2
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"Before & After" Software with your logo branding helps sells the prospect

Number 3
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'Speed Fix' Squeeze page to attract local business integrate easily with any of your favorite call scheduling service.

Number 2
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'Speed Fix' Email Template

Number 3
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Video Training: Finding local businesses leads and approaching them

Number 2
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Video Training: How to use before and after Speed Ninja Pro Software

Number 3
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Video Training: How to fix slow speed site issue easily follow our step by step approach

**UNLIMITED Use Version of software- $67

Quality Mark
Mo Taqi
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