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How to cash in on Google's latest SSL Update...
Did You Know...

Google's New SSL 'Not Secure' Update
Will Devastate Close To 90% of Websites?

Most Local Businesses Have No Idea What's
About To Happen Either...

...And That's Why They'll Gladly Pay Up To $5000
To ANYONE Who Can Solve The Problem!


Without an SSL certificate, Google Chrome issues a ‘Not Secure’ warning that kills traffic…


And You can make up to $5000 solving this problem for local
business owners who will be devastated by it...

The best part?

You can RESELL the solution and profit
without lifting a finger!


You can see it only takes one email to sell clients on this important service:




Did you know about Google’s latest SSL ‘Not Secure’ update?

It will devastate close to 90% of websites, and most local business owners have no idea.

Once they discover how much this “warning sign” from Google will kill their website traffic, they’ll pay ANYONE up to $5,000 to fix it.

This update represents an incredible money-making opportunity. You can easily resell SSL certificates to local businesses who desperately need them and profit handsomely.

It gets better, because capitalizing on this lucrative opportunity involves absolutely NO…

✖ Hard Selling (most business owners are SOLD as soon as they discover what’s about to happen to their website traffic)

✖ Tech Skills (Being a reseller means you don’t lift a finger.)


This New SSL Update Is Going To Kill Traffic And Search Rankings For Most Local Businesses…

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Google Chrome is about to receive an update that WARNS visitors anytime they visit a website without an SSL certificate

  • This warning says ‘Not Secure’ and will kill site traffic

  • Google is already de-ranking sites without an SSL certificate, killing their organic search rankings (the lifeblood of most local biz’s)

In fact, this brand new warning has been covered extensively in the news:


What Are SSL Certificates?

Simple: SSL certificates provide communication encryptions to protect visitors’ information.


How Can You Tell If A Site Has An SSL Certificate?

You’ve probably noticed it before: their web address starts with “https” instead of just “http”.

And yes...the ‘S’ does actually stand for Secure.


What’s Going To Happen To Sites With No SSL Certificate?

Google has already explained exactly what’s going to happen.?
They’re going to place a big, fat “UNSECURE” warning on every single website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed.


And it gets worse…

Because any FORMS on websites without SSL certificates are also going to get the warning label:


This will devastate many local and online businesses.
Think about all the forms that will be affected by this warning:

  • Credit card and payment forms
  • Email opt-in and lead capture forms
  • Site search and contact forms

In other words, this is going to cripple most businesses. They’ll be totally unable to conduct business online because their site will be littered with warning signs and red flags.

Why This Matters:

Close to 90% Of Websites DON’T Have
An SSL Certificate Installed!

Google had no choice but to delay the rollout of this new update due to the sheer number of sites affected:


But here’s the thing: Google has already started de-ranking websites without an SSL certificate, killing their SEO.

Websites without SSL certificates are quickly disappearing from Page

1. And websites with SSL certificates are actually seeing a BOOST in ranking.

image8.img web_master.jpg

You can see Google’s been using SSL certificates to calculate ranking since 2014. But now it’s become MORE important than ever…

How To Find Websites Without SSL In 1-Click…

Finding websites without an SSL certificate installed is very easy.
All you have to do is add “-inurl:https” to any Google search.
Google will then return ONLY websites without SSL in its results:


Every single one of these websites needs an SSL certificate. Making each and every one of them a potential client for YOU.

Especially when you consider that…

Most business owners have NO clue
this problem exists!

Which is why there’s no hard selling involved in landing clients for this essential service.

All you have to do is send them a brief email to let them know what’s going on, and you’ll have them begging you to fix it for them:


And because you’re delivering upfront value to them completely free of charge, you can build trust quickly.

These business owners will ask to pay YOU to solve their problem.

Which is the best part about this golden opportunity. Usually, cold emailing generates a very low response rate and lots of rejections.

Instead, by warning business owners about this new Google update, you’ll never have to deal with:

  • Rejection
  • SPAM Complaints
  • Angry Replies

This all makes for a completely frictionless buying experience that will have your clients handing over their money with a smile on their face.

Plus, You Can Laser-Target Industries That Are REQUIRED To Buy Stronger SSL Certificates...

(That You Can Charge Even More For!)

This is the real “trick” to generating MASSIVE profits with this new opportunity…

Because different SSL certificates come with different levels of encryption.

And different industries have different SSL requirements. Some need stronger certificates than others.

Businesses that handle sensitive data (like law firms, hospitals, and medical clinics) must have stronger SSL certificates.

These stronger SSL certificates only cost $1,000 to buy from a reseller…
...but can be resold for up to $5,000!

Which means that you can increase your profits 5-10X simply by laser-targeting these businesses.

And the fact is it’s just as easy to sell a more expensive certificate... why not focus on the ones that will put the most money in your pocket?

4 Common Pitfalls For SSL Certificate Resellers

Pitfall #1: Not using a white-label service

A white-label service uses YOUR information when delivering the SSL certificate. You need this in place to establish yourself as the expert.

Otherwise, the client will realize you’re reselling the SSL certificate and bypass you when it comes time to renew their certificate. That means missing out on lucrative renewal fees every year.

Pitfall #2: Not using an installation service

Installing SSL certificates is actually quite difficult, and requires high-level tech skills. You can do serious damage to your client’s site if you don’t know how to install it properly.

You should always make sure the SSL certificate seller you use includes installation as part of their offer.

Pitfall #3: Not offering stronger SSL certificates

These stronger SSL certificates are huge money-makers. Highly-regulated professions (like doctors and lawyers) must pay more for stronger SSL certificates.

You can maximize your profits by ensuring you work with a reseller who can provide you with these stronger SSL certificates, so you can resell them to your clients for large-scale profits.

Pitfall #4: Having no client support

Clients will often do things like change hosting plans or move their website, and then come to you for help.

If you’re unable to deliver the support your clients need, you may not be able to hold on to them for very long. That’s why you need the right service that offers the support your clients need 24/7.

We’ve Been Reselling SSL Certificates
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Ever since we became aware of this incredible money-making opportunity, we’ve been hard at work to resell SSL certificates.

And it’s safe to say we made more than a few mistakes along the way:

  • Wasting $1000s of dollars cycling through 10+ bad resellers
  • Being too “pushy” or “sales-y” in our cold emails (and getting angry responses and SPAM complaints in return)
  • Lost sales for pricing too low AND too high (until we found the “sweet spot”...)

But now, we want to help YOU avoid making the mistakes we did as an SSL certificate reseller.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to…

SSL Domination Done For You Services

SSL Domination the most effortless, hands-off way to profit from Google’s new SSL update.

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What You’ll Get:

1 Lead Site - You’ll get 1 fully-developed Lead Site built out by our team. This Lead Site will serve as the online “face” of your SSL business, and give you credibility and authority.

Having it in place is critical for convincing clients you are really an SSL certificate expert. After seeing your professionally-designed Lead Site, prospects will be begging you to take their money.



500 Fresh Leads - You’ll get 500 fresh leads delivered to you every single month for 3 months. These are local businesses and website owners who desperately need an SSL certificate.

By applying the action steps included in our SSL Lead Generation Blueprint, you’ll be able to easily convert these fresh leads into paying clients.



3X Social Media Pages with 10 Posts Each - In addition to your Lead Site, you’ll also receive a personalized FB, Instagram, and Twitter page with 10 posts each. These pages will help clients find YOU and reinforce your authority as an SSL expert.

The 10 unique posts we give you for each page can be easily reshared and recycled between your pages. That means you’ll have enough fresh content ideas to last you months.



“SSL Lead Generation Blueprint” - You’ll also get our SSL Lead Generation Blueprint. This includes all the action steps you need to prospect for clients and convert them into paying customers.

Everything from cold email templates, interested prospect reply templates, contracts, and everything else you’ll need to attract the clients you need to build a lucrative SSL certificate business.

This Blueprint is the result of many months of hard work and rigorous testing. We’ve made sure to include every single shortcut we discovered since we first got started as SSL resellers, and now we’re handing them over to you.



1-Click SSL Installation Guide - Lastly, you’ll get our 1-Click SSL Installation Guide. This Guide breaks down our simple, step-by-step process to make sure you choose the right SSL reseller.

Picking an SSL reseller with no installation service is an expensive mistake that can cost you $1000s of dollars.

With the Guide in your hands, you’ll be able to select a top-notch SSL reseller that will take care of you and your clients and build YOUR business.


Total Value: $997

With everything included in this amazing offer, you’ll have everything you need to quickly build a rock-solid business as an SSL reseller.

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Mo Taqi
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Close to 90% of all websites will be devastated by this update. Their search rankings will be tanked, and their site traffic will slow to a trickle.


That’s why SEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Internet Marketers everywhere are scrambling to get in on this gold rush while they still can.


It’s one of the most effortless, hands-off businesses opportunities that’s come along in a long time.


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