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From The Desk Of: Mo Taqi

Subject: Save The Life Of Businesses While Getting Paid Handsomely?

Hey, are you still on the lookout for a way to start earning locally amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

If you answered yes then you’ll LOVE what I’m going to show you.


Businesses have been ravaged by this pandemic.

And as a result, they’re far more resistant to paying for local services.

Leading To More Struggling Marketers Than Before!

But here’s the good news.

After months of research and thousands of hours invested, our team at IMWorkers discovered an untapped, highly paid service that thousands of businesses will NEED.

Either they pay you to fulfill the service or their business is likely to fail.

And the best part?

This service is SUPER easy to fulfill.

So, What’s This Service You’re Talking About Mo Taqi?

Core Web Vitals Optimization…

Or CWV Optimization for short.

You see, Google recently announced a new core ranking factor, and thousands of businesses will be severely damaged by it.


Because most biz owners don’t know about this…

And if they don’t optimize their website for Core Web Vitals, they’re likely to lose their website ranking for good…

Leading to a traffic drought, which in turn could lead to the DEATH of their company.

Core Web Vitals In A Nutshell…

I know you might be confused by Core Web Vitals.

So I’m going to explain it to you in an easy to understand way…

You see, Core Web Vitals consist of different factors that enhance the user experience of a website.

If a business follows these factors, they’re awarded with higher rankings. 

This Pratically FORCES Business Owners To Pay You…

If they don’t abide by Google’s rules, they’ll suffer lower rankings.

Less potential customers.

Less potential revenue.

It’s devastating, especially for businesses who rely on Google for new customers.

Resulting in them to either pay you or suffer the consequences….


This Means A Massive Opportunity For Us Marketers…

Due to most businesses being unaware of this issue, this is where YOU can swoop in and help them…

While getting paid a pretty penny at the same time!

It’s work you can feel good about doing as you’re helping the local community.

It’s Not Easy To Find Businesses In Need Of This Service

I mean, you’d need to look through thousands of websites to find just 1 or 2 business owners.

And you could be looking at the WRONG businesses!

Especially if you’re a newbie and don’t know what you’re doing.

You might mess up at first.

There are so many different confusing factors such as interactivity, visual stability,

Not only that, you’ll need to be an expert at Chrome DevTools.

I Knew There Was A Better Way!

I had an “aha moment”.

“Why don’t I create software that completely automates this process for me?”

Software which would instantly identify businesses in dire need of CWV Optimization…

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Our Software Finds The Needle In The Haystack For YOU…

It does a quick analysis of all websites listed on Google, and finds the ones who need their Core Web Vitals improved.

All the hard work is automated away for you…

So there’s no need to work like a dog.

No need to scroll endlessly on Google to find qualified prospects.

Our software does it for you.

And The Best Part? This Is 100% Saturation Proof…

That’s because less than 15% of sites on Google are optimized well for core web vitals.

Which means, it’s virtually impossible for saturation to occur.

If you’ve ever been looking for that “blue ocean” with huge potential, you’ve found it…

Ready to start tapping into it?

Now’s your chance…


With Web Vitals Profits, we’re giving you the power to instantly find businesses who need your help with CWV optimization.

Simply enter a keyword and location, and we’ll show you highly targeted business leads with web vitals audit done on them already, in just a few minutes.

They’ll be the easiest leads you’ve ever closed…

Really. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Because many businesses rely on Google for their customer base, and if they lose that, they lose everything.

You can come in and help them with this software…

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Because local marketing IS my life.

I don’t just drink the kool aid, I swim in it.

And I’ve been doing so for over a decade now, so I’m confident to say I know what I’m talking about.

Not only do I have experience, I’ve seen a fair amount of success as well.

I can help you out, whether you’re a complete newbie or someone still struggling to see results.

Sound fair enough?

Then that’s one more reason you need Web Vitals Profits

Mo Taqi

Watch This Demo & See The Power Of Web Vitals Profits…

*Some features shown inside may require the purchase of an upgrade

You’re Only 4 Steps Away From Saving The Lives Of Businesses & Getting Paid For It…


Find Business Owners In Dire Need Of Your Service

Enter a keyword to choose your industry – i.e: Plumber.

Then, choose a location – i.e: Boston.

We’ll instantly show you who needs CWV optimization via easy to identify performance metrics.


Reach Out To The Prospects With Our DFY Email Templates

Once you’ve acquired the leads from Step 1, reach out to them using our DFY email templates included inside your Web Vitals Profits account.

*Note: These are the same proven to convert emails we’re using to close clients



Turn The Prospects Into Clients

Remember, this is a super easy service to sell to business owners. 

After all… if they don’t buy, their business could be at risk of losing all search traffic from Google, resulting in severe financial issues.


Fulfill The Service & Get Paid

Follow the step-by-step video training inside the members area so you can start fulfilling the service to your clients and get paid.

Don’t worry, this is dead easy.

We’ll also show you how to outsource it for cheap while making a share fair of profits for yourself.

Gone Are The Days Of Dealing With Hard To Close Clients!

You can say goodbye to the skepitical and rude clients that are a serious chore to close…

Because when you get in touch with these business owners who need help with CWV optimization, they’ll need to make a decision.

Pay you to fix their problem, or risk losing all their Google traffic.

It’s common sense, most will end up paying you.

Gone Are The Days Of Dealing With Hard To Close Clients!

Red Hot Clients

Are Yours For The Taking

Web Vitals Profits finds you only the most QUALIFIED prospects.

People who truly need CWV optimization…

We do this by analyzing the weaknesses of a business website, such as Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices & SEO.

Furthermore, you can download a professional web vitals audit report in just 1 click and send it to your prospect….

“The Whole Shabang”

You’re Getting EVERYTHING You Need To Start Earning…

Fulfillment Training

We’ll show you every step involved in providing the CWV optimization service to your clients, in this over the shoulder, step-by-step training.

There’s nothing left out, and we show you EVERYTHING you need to know so you can start getting paid by your clients.


Quick Start Guide

Inside this guide that you’ll find in the members area of Web Vitals Profits, you’ll uncover the ins and out outs of the software and how to make the most out of your purchase as a customer. 

DFY Client Outreach Emails

We’ll show you every step involved in providing the CWV optimization service to your clients, in this over the shoulder, step-by-step training.

There’s nothing left out, and we show you EVERYTHING you need to know so you can start getting paid by your clients.


Starter Pack

It’s essential to establish yourself as a trustworthy local consultant. Which is why we put together a starter pack.

This includes premium materials like logos, fliers, business cards, all based around core web vitals.


DFY Consultant Website

On top of the starter pack, we are also including a done for you consultant website at no additional cost.

This is designed to show business owners you’re serious and you do this full time.

To Sweeten The Pot, We’re Also Giving You

These FREE Bonuses…

*Hurry, these bonuses expire after the launch period

DFY Proposal Template

You’ll get access to our done for you proposal template, which you can send to clients after they’ve shown interest in you providing core web vitals optimization for smooth client on-boarding.

Step By Step Checklist

Organization is key, and that’s why we’re including a checklist to show you everything you need to do in one place to start getting paid with Web Vitals Profits.

Pricing Guide For CWV Optimization

We’ll show you the best prices to charge that business owners are happy to pay you for, so you can close as many clients while getting paid a fair price.

And The Value Doesn’t End There!

You’ll Also Get Access To Our Live Customer Only Training…

We want your experience as a customer of Web Vitals Profits to have that WOW factor.

We care about our customers.

Which is why we’re giving the customers of Web Vitals Profits a live training session for 100% free.

We’ll show you our tricks and tips for closing clients faster, and if you have any questions, this is a perfect place to ask them, as we’ll be holding a Q&A session..

Nothing Matches The Opportunity Of Web Vitals Profits…

Business owners are more skepitcal and less willing to pay for online services due to COVID-19.

But not for Core Web Vitals Optimization.

They need it, or their business could possibly DIE from being ranked low on Google.

I know it sounds dramtical and all, but this really is this case.

They could either pay you, or lose their business.

It’s a pretty clear decision.

Which is why Web Vitals Profits is an unmatched local opportunity, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic!

Get Web Vitals Profits At A STEEP Bargain If You Buy Now…

There’s nothing else that matches the power of Web Vitals Profits.

Which is why, we originally planned on charging $97 monthly for this app.

Which adds up to over $1,000 yearly…

Although expensive, it would pay for itself.

But we know what it’s like to struggle.

To work like a maniac, buying everything out there with nothing to show for it.

So that’s why we’re going to offer you Web Vitals Profits at a price ANYONE can afford.

You won’t even pay monthly…

Just a low one time investment.

But You MUST Act Now

Read Below To Find Out Why…

We are offering a discount, but it’s for only a limited amount of time.

Because we want action takers.

People who can move quickly when a game changing opportunity approaches them.

So we’ll be rising the one time investment to a recurring price of $47 after the launch period.

Why wait and pay more?

And every minute you wait is a minute where you could have closed a client.

So with that being said, if you want a copy of Web Vitals Profits, the time to act is right now…

Click The Button Below

And Get Web Vitals Profits At The Lowest Price

You’re In Safe Hands With Our

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We strive for 100% satisfaction and will honestly try to accommodate any buyers needs. We do incur substantial costs including backend infrastructure and all the data mining..

Therefore NO REFUNDS Are Offered.

To help you make your purchase decision we are including demo for the software on the salespage so there is no mystery as to what you’re getting. If you are not sure please ask before purchasing. Thanks!

Right Now, You Have 2 Choices…

Choice #1

Figure It Out Yourself

Choice #2

Get Web Vitals Profits

Leave this page. Do nothing.

Continue where you were from before, buying countless products and using outdated strategies that don’t work with the impact of COVID-19.

You could do this, it’s really your decision.

We’re not forcing you to buy this. There’s no pressure here…

Take the proven route with Web Vitals Profits.

With Web Vitals Profits, you can instantly identify businesses that need CWV optimization services the most.

These are red hot prospects, and NEED your services. Not only will you help them, you’ll get paid for doing so.

Stop Surviving, And Start Thriving With Web Vitals Profits…

Don’t you think it’s time to end the nasty cycle?

The cycle of buying products that COVID-19 rendered useless?

Look, it’s completely up to you to take action. You can lead a horse to water, but can’t force it to drink.

It’s completely up to you.

Leave this page, or take action and win.

It’s Action Time!

Here’s A Quick Recap Of What You’re Getting Today…


Web Vitals Profits App – $997 Value


Service Fulfillment Training – $397 Value


Quick Start Guide – $197 Value


DFY Consultant Website – $297 Value


DFY Client Outreach Emails – $497 Value


Web Vitals Profits Starter Pack – $297 Value


Fast Action Bonuses – $588 Value


World Class Support – PRICELESS!

Total Real World Value:



I’ll See You Inside,

Mo Taqi

Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. No hidden fees, catch, or extra expenses. You get everything you need inside your Web Vitals Profits account.


How many leads can I get on a daily basis?

Unlimited. There are no limits involved with Web Vitals Profits.


I'm not from the USA, will this work?

Absolutely. We have students from 1st world, 2nd world, and even 3rd world countries making this work.

All you need is an internet connection, and a copy of Web Vitals Profits in your hands.


Are there any recurring fees?

If you buy a copy of Web Vitals Profits during the launch period, you can lock in a copy at a low one time investment

Do you show me how to fulfill the service?

Yes, we show you every step of the process involved in providing the CWV optimization service to your clients.


What does CWV mean?

CWV is short for Core Web Vitals


Is there a guarantee?

We incur recurring costs to update and maintain the software, along with support costs.

If you experience any issues with the software, our team is happy to help you out.

For those two reasons, no refunds are offered.

Hurry, Price Rises In…

(Price Goes Recurring After Launch)